Oct 14 2010


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President Obama clearly approaches life with an almost juvenile naivete. He has a strange and self-centered day dream running in his head, which is exposed when he shares his ‘visions’ – as he so famously did in this NY Times Magazine piece. I think one of the strangest scenes exposed in this brutal peek into the mind of someone so far in over their head they don’t have a clue what is happening to them, is the idea the American People somehow still hold him up as The Won. Check out this strange vision of how things will be after November:

Obama expressed optimism to me that he could make common cause with Republicans after the midterm elections. “It may be that regardless of what happens after this election, they feel more responsible,” he said, “either because they didn’t do as well as they anticipated, and so the strategy of just saying no to everything and sitting on the sidelines and throwing bombs didn’t work for them, or they did reasonably well, in which case the American people are going to be looking to them to offer serious proposals and work with me in a serious way.”

What if this election is a referendum on Obama, and the GOP is being sent to DC to put the breaks on all his loony, uniformed and ill-formed liberal fantasies? Did it every occur to this egomaniac that America is not really looking for the GOP to ‘work with’ him but ‘stop him’? If there was a real journalist at the NY Times the following questions would be obvious to pose to Obama:

Will the President work with the GOP to suspend all the stimulus spending as a way to extend all the Bush tax cuts?
Will the President work with the GOP to repeal Obamacare?
Will the President work with the GOP to stop the EPA from messing with CO2 emissions?

I really doubt Obama’s sincerity, for obvious reasons. He has no intention of working with the GOP in a meaningful way. Who writes such fiction? There is still the idea that Team Obama are the Super Heroes of the ages, not the incompetent numskulls they have shown themselves to be:

The view from inside the administration starts with a basic mantra: Obama inherited the worst problems of any president in years. Or in generations. Or in American history. He prevented another Great Depression while putting in place the foundation for a more stable future.

Some White House aides who were ready to carve a new spot on Mount Rushmore for their boss two years ago privately concede now that he cannot be another Abraham Lincoln after all.

Heroes in their own minds. Looks like this crowd is having a permanent Walter Mitty moment. These fools thought it was all so easy. Throw a trillion dollars around and ‘poof‘, everything goes back to a growing economy. Like I said, a juvenile naivete.

Just look at how broken Obamacare is proving to be. The feds are running around exempting companies because the new laws are making current policies illegal, senior citizens are going to see large increases in medicare costs with fewer service offerings, and the insurance companies are going to be allowed to raise premiums for seriously sick kids – which is what happens now. People don’t lose insurance when they get sick, they become unable to pay the higher prices that come with expensive and long term treatments. All these fixes because the thousands of pages of sausage that came out of Congress is broken in so many ways we won’t know what they did for a decade – except it will be worse and cost more.

It’s all so simple when you roll it in your head as a Sesame Street play. But when you have to apply liberal ‘policies’ to aspects of society that require experts’ life time of work to understand (that’s why we call them ‘careers’) all of a sudden the paint by numbers solution doesn’t produce a Rembrandt. Whoddathunkit.

These people in the White House truly are delusional.

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  1. Toes192 says:

    This may seem like an off topic comment … but it isn’t …
    Re: Alaska Senate race…
    After listening to the candidates awhile … Joe Miller… Senator Murkowski… Scott McAdams (the Dem) …
    Scott is my kind of guy … If it were not for President Obama … this lifelong Republican would vote for the Democrat McAdams …

  2. oneal lane says:

    Scott is my kind of guy …… this lifelong Republican would vote for the Democrat McAdams …

    Please clarify this does not add up??

  3. WWS says:

    Why would you be so persuaded by a Marketing campaign? If McAdams were honest about anything he says, he would be running as an independent, not a Democrat. Since he is running as a Democrat, everything he says that apparently impresses you so much is a lie – and you know it.

    He may say that he is going to be his own man – but as soon as he gets there, he’ll knuckle under to whatever Chuckie Schumer tells him to do. He may say he’ll work hard for Alaska – but as soon as he gets there, he’ll knuckle under to whatever Chuckie Schumer tells him to do. He may say he’ll work hard for the voters – but as soon as he gets there, he’ll knuckle under to whatever Chuckie Schumer tells him to do. He will tell you anything you want to hear – but as soon as he gets there, he’ll knuckle under to whatever Chuckie Schumer tells him to do.

    That’s what that “D” beside his name means, and nothing he says or does short of resigning from that party can ever negate that.

    And I discount Murkowski because she’s already proven that she’s just in the game for her own pride and how much money she can personally jack out of the system, and NOTHING she says, no ad, no pitch, can ever possibly change my mind on that. Her actions have already spoken louder than any words she can ever say could. I don’t care what party she nominally will be in, her actions have convinced me that she is the kind of Washington infestation that I despise most in this world.

    So does this mean Miller’s any good? No, but it DOES mean that he’s the only one out of the three who has a chance (and it’s just a chance, admittedly) of going there and actually being his own man – the other two have already sold their political souls to devils.

    Don’t be a sucker for a slick ad campaign that sells you poll-tested answers with not an ounce’s worth of truth in them.

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  5. Redteam says:

    WWS, excellent comment!

  6. lurker9876 says:

    Remember how Bill Owens voted against his campaign promises.

  7. Fai Mao says:

    One of the hallmarks of an incompetant person is that they don’t realize they are incompetant they are. indeed there is an inverse relationship between competance and perceived competance.

    This cuts across all professions. There has been a lot of research done on this.

  8. Toes192 says:

    Oneal… y… That is odd… to me as well… I was surprised I preferred Mr. McAdams too… ps… Will still vote for one of the [R]’s
    Visit Mr. McAdams website and you will understand …
    Before you shoot your mouth off … why don’t you … (Have you?)
    Browse(d) “Issues”…at Scott McAdams web site …
    … then …
    Browse Joe Miller’s…
    You will see what I’m talking about…
    Plus… Remember … We watch the debates … ads… Might even go to a debate if they get down this way… Newspaper (Anc news is so pro-Lisa it makes one angry… btw… They should be neutral …endorse is Ok … But this papers almost actively promotes her while downing Mr. Miller … )
    Mr. Miller is running a lousy campaign… I opine Senator Murkowski will win … She’ll caucus with the (R)’s so it’s not a loss for (R)’s

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