Oct 13 2010

Loony Moran In Trouble In VA-8?

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OK, We know there is huge wave building out there, and this could be a total head feint, but if Jim Moron Moran is in trouble in VA-8, then I cannot mentally grasp the damage that will be unleashed on the Democrat Party on November 2nd:

An internal poll (R) taken in Virginia’s 8th District (Alexandria, etc.) shows ten-term US Rep. Jim Moran (D) with 45 percent to 32 percent for his Republican opponent, retired Army Col. Patrick Murray. Less than 50 percent is a weak sign for an incumbent, especially this one, deemed a shoo-in by most observers. However, it was a Republican poll.

If Moran were to flame out I would wager that means only 1-2 Democrats would survive in VA. Here are the current VA House members:

    R-VA1: Rep. Wittman
    D-VA2: Rep. Nye [will go R]
    D-VA3: Rep. Scott
    R-VA4: Rep. Forbes
    D-VA5: Rep. Perriello [will go R]
    R-VA6: Rep. Goodlatte
    R-VA7: Rep. Cantor
    D-VA8: Rep. Moran [could go R]
    D-VA9: Rep. Boucher
    R-VA10: Rep. Wolf
    D-VA11: Rep. Connolly [could go R]

Bobby Scott (VA3) is not in trouble, and it looks like Boucher will hold on in VA9. But they would be the only 2 Dems left standing if Moran lost (I assume Connolly would go too, and he might already be gone). That would be one heck of a wave that knocks out 4 Democrats and leaves only two standing in VA.

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4 Responses to “Loony Moran In Trouble In VA-8?”

  1. WWS says:

    Although I dearly wish Patrick Murray would win, I can’t help noting that at 32% he’s polling *lower* than Christine O’Donnell is right now. Not much time left to turn that around.

    And this in a Republican internal poll?

  2. AJStrata says:

    WWS, you have to also look at Moran’s ceiling (which he should be nearing right now). Undecideds have apparently decided not to vote for Moran, and are only a small step away from giving the GOP a try. I also agree it is a big stretch this close in – but who knows!

  3. smill1953 says:

    Oh, God, please let it be true!! Moron is my congressman, and I haven’t dared hope he could lose in November. But, could it be?

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