Oct 12 2010

Blatant Liar-In-Chief

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Update: Why is anyone surprised with these numbers?

All told, 85 percent of Americans are either angry about the economy or at least dissatisfied with it, according to the survey, produced for ABC and Yahoo! News by Langer Research Associates. That makes economic discontent even higher than anger or dissatisfaction with “the way the federal government is working,” at 71 percent in an ABC News/Washington Post poll last week.

I mean, well duh! And guess who is on the receiving end of that anger? The incompetents that promised a peak of 8% unemployment, with less than 7.5% right now:

You Betcha we’re angry. These are our lives at stake. And the lives and homes of our children. Why WOULDN”T we be angry to see our life’s work wiped out? – end update.

President Obama and his liberal Dems have screwed up so badly in two short years that they face a historic backlash that should bury any hint of liberal, big government plans or proposals for a generation or two. All signs point to an electoral blow out for the GOP – a party not actually held in high esteem by the voters. But in comparison to the crew in power now, the GOP looks golden. The infamous Monty Python tear on wasteful government bureaucracy, embodied in the Ministry of Silly Walks, has finally come to fruition under Pelosi, Reid & Obama. Wasting billions of dollars on dog parks, window insulation and checks to 72,000 dead people seems to fold right in with the Python Ministries.

In response to the realization they have screwed up to the point that many liberal acheivements over the last century will begin to be rolled back starting in January, the Democrats have sunk to a new low – blatant lying. It has become so pathetic even the pliant old news media is starting to revolt. Let’s begin with this fact-check from ABC News:

“We learned that one of the largest groups paying for these ads regularly takes in money from foreign sources,” President Obama said last week, referring to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the second biggest spender in the midterm elections, behind only the National Republican Congressional Committee, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Apparently, the liberal brain trust just ‘learned’ that the Chamber of Commerce allows US interests overseas to become members. This means the Chamber takes in dues from these foreign entities – usually foreign companies with some form of US ownership. Having worked with one of these entities on a European Space Agency mission that decided to use US technology- you know, an export of American products – I can tell you this is how we export our products and increase our jobs here. So the Einsteins in liberal-land figure the American Voters are too damn stupid to unravel this tangled tale, and took this innocuous fact and created a big fat lie:

“Are you going to let special interests from Wall Street and Washington and maybe places beyond our shores come to this state and tell us who our senator should be?”

Democrats and liberal groups take the argument further.

A Democratic National Committee TV ad warns conservative third-party groups like the Chamber are “stealing our democracy” and spending millions in “secret foreign money to influence our elections.”

The fact is, the Chamber has a budget of $200 million a year, but only takes in $100 thousand in dues from foreign business entities. Money they take great care NOT to use on US elections, as ABC News confirms:

Yet while Obama is trying to tie Republicans and some of their backers to the specter of foreign interference in U.S. elections, an examination of the evidence provides little support for the claims.

“We have no idea if the Chamber or any 501(c) organization as defined by the IRS code, is taking foreign money for the purposes of playing politics,” said Dave Levinthal of the Center for Responsive Politics. “Saying that that foreign money is actually going toward attack ads or any type of messaging in the political realm, you just don’t know. It’s speculation and nothing more.”

Some funding for the Chamber of Commerce does come from foreign companies and foreign-based Chamber affiliates (called “AmShams”) similar in operations of some international nonprofit groups and labor unions.

Chamber of Commerce director of media relations J.P. Fielder said that money goes to the group’s general fund and then to the international division, keeping it away from any political activities.

So of course one can only conclude the White House is staffed with morons or liars. Considering how much poll testing these kinds of coordinated messages get, I doubt it can be a case of rampant ignorance.

So the corollary query that the voters will shoot back at Obama and the Dems is this:

“Are you going to let liars in the Democrat Party and Washington and even the White House come to this state and tell us blatant and unfounded lies to influence the outcome of the people’s will?”

Yeah, that’ll work. I tripped over a great UK article slamming the nanny state and its addiction to our money. It employs the biting, brutal humor The Brits are so famous for, in ‘framing’ the election choice this year. It seems very appropriate at this juncture:

Far worse, traditional democratic theory has been flipped upside down: “Our rulers now make us accountable to them.”

Count the ways.

“Most Western governments hate me smoking, or eating the wrong kind of food, or hunting foxes or drinking too much. Most of these governments think we borrow too much money for our personal pleasures and many of us are very bad parents. Ministers of state have been known to instruct us in elementary matters, such as the importance of reading bedtime stories to our children.

Emphasis mine. I would add that liberals think we spend our money on the wrong things, which is why they confiscate it through taxes and spend it on their foolish ideas. I think the first goal in government is for lunatics to fund their own idiotic fantasies. No more tax money for fool’s errands. The chap continues:

“Many of us have unsound views about people of other races, cultures or religions, and the distribution of our friends does not always correspond to the cultural diversity of our society. We must face up to the grim fact that the rulers we elect are losing patience with us.

Very appropriate, as the White House berates its base for not coming to its rescue. “Where are all the mindless robots?” it demands.

“The point is that governments have no business telling us how to live. They are tiresome enough in the exercise of authority. They are intolerable when they mount the pulpit. Nor should we be in any doubt that nationalizing the moral life of the people is the first step toward totalitarianism.”

Yes, this last ditch attempt at an “October Surprise” has been tiresome, pathetic and unethical. No President should stand up and throw an accusation at American Citizens exercising their Constitutional rights, just because his incompetence is being exposed. To round out this mess, it is clear to all why the Democrats had sunk too such despicable lows:

Second, his advisors are total nincompoops, having managed to obliterate, completely and utterly, the post-partisan image that drew independents and Republican leaners to his voting coalition just two years ago.

Fourth, and most relevant for October 2010, the Democratic party is totally and completely desperate at this point.

What exactly is this going to mean for the Democrats? The following map should provide a good sense. It depicts the East North Central division of the United States — basically the Great Lakes area. Congressional districts are colored in according to the political dynamic of the midterm: red districts are Republican, blue are safely Democratic (according to the House ratings from RealClearPolitics), and purple are Democratic-held districts that RealClearPolitics has ranked as being vulnerable to a Republican takeover.

As can be seen, the Midwest is turning GOP red. As Jay Cost notes in the full post, the losses will be crippling. There can be no more Democrat Presidents if the Midwest shuns the party of big government, liberal lunacy. There will be no more Democrat run Congresses. The Dems should have realized that was the price for their arrogance, once the Tea Party sprang out of the grass roots and center of America. The center picks the winners of all elections, and has been very fluid in the last three decades as the Democrats lost their lock on these key voters. Reagan demonstrated a hint of what could be if the libertarian-conservative nexus ascended to the pinnacle of political preference. Now, we shall see what happens when the left implodes so badly they have pushed the center into near complete opposition to their cause.

This is by no means a the final chapter, or swing of the pendulum. But as in science, the storm before the final consensus is reached is rocky – and sometimes worse. Upheaval like this is sometimes nothing more than a sign that humanity is ready to move on to the next level of progress. But to do so usually requires dumping a lot of conventional thinking into the trash can. This year, it will be a lot of leftist, liberal, progressive thinking hitting the bit-bucket.

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11 Responses to “Blatant Liar-In-Chief”

  1. AJ,

    The whole Chamber of Commerce foreign money thing is by the Obama Administration is less a matter stupidity than guilt.

    The charges against the Chamber of Commerce are prophylactic measure against House investigations next year of the Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign’s illegal foreign contributions.

    Even the Obama Administration now thinks the GOP will win control of the House and commence investigations of the Obama administration’s many wrongs, including this one.

    They are setting up the usual guilty guy’s defense of “everybody does it” and “you are just being partisan”.

  2. Mike M. says:

    The Great Question in all this will be whether or not the Republicans figure out that a small-L libertarian, small-P populist platform is a winner.

    The GOP has always had a dissonance between a libertarian/populist wing and an authoritarian/plutocratic wing. The APs have usually controlled the party, mostly because they controlled the money and were involved at the primary level. But the LPs provided the only candidates who delivered big wins at the polls.

    Now we have the Tea Party movement, which is very much an LP movement such as those which propelled Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Reagan to power. Except that the Tea Party movement is NOT personality-based. Which means it has a good potential for staying power. And an organized LP movement, aware of the importance of fighting primary campaigns as well as the general election, could totally transform politics in this country.

  3. archtop says:

    This is all a big crock when you stop to think that public sector (i.e. government) unions take mandatory union “dues” and use them to contribute millions of dollars to reelect members of ONE political party!!! Think about that – basically private sector money is transferred via our taxes to an entity devoted to the election of Democrats. What the Chamber of Commerce does in the way of political advocacy pales in comparison to SEIU, NEA, etc.

  4. Jay032 says:

    O’Donnell’s still down by double digits in all polling and is dragging down the far superior candidate Urquhart in the House race. That deadbeat lunatic is making sure the Dems will hold absolute power over all aspects of First State politics in the midst of a year otherwise shaping up to be great for opponents of Marxism. Hell of a job in nominating her, DEGOP. Hell of a job.

  5. crosspatch says:

    O’Donnell doesn’t have a chance so we might as well move on to races that can actually make a difference, Jay032.

    As for the Democrats complaining about the Chamber of Commerce, that is interesting considering over 40% of Chamber Of Commerce donations went to Democrats. They are treating it like the CoC only donates to Republicans.

    Democrats would have benefited nearly as much as Republicans.

  6. WWS says:

    Betcha from now on the CoC only donates to Republicans.

    You can’t slander people like that and expect them not to remember. A few years back, this kind of thing was called crappin’ in your messkit.

  7. crosspatch says:

    At this point the Obumbler presidency becomes dangerous. There is little so dangerous as a narcissist scorned. He may now lash out and decide to “punish” those who he feels “betrayed” him.

    This could get VERY ugly.

  8. WWS says:

    The fun part will be watching his own party turn on him – the MSM already has started, as evidenced by Bob Schieffer’s blunt takedown of Axelrod this Sunday – “Is that really the best you can do?” Gotta give Schieffer credit for coining a phrase, I think that’s going to stand as the epitaph for the Dem’s entire 2010 campaign.

    And they’re still trying to whistle past the graveyard and pretend it isn’t that bad, or worried that saying anything now will only make it worse – but once the election is over and they see how bad they’ve been hurt, hoo-boy will the knives come out! The progs will be furious because they believe he’s betrayed their hard left ideals, the pragmatists will be furious because he’s ruined their base in the business community, and every dem will be pissed because he’s ruined the best shot they’ll ever have.

    I’m actually getting less and less concerned about *any* lashing out he may do – because he is proving that he is absolutely incompetent at *EVERYTHING* he does! Any lashing out is going to be as lame and pointless as everything else he’s done. Look at the results of the attacks he’s been doing – he tried attacking Limbaugh, Rush laughed all the way to the bank and has a bigger audience than ever. He attacked Palin – Palin is more popular than ever. He attacked Boehner – and Boehner got a huge amount of name recognition out of it and came off looking good, while Obama came out of all of these as someone who starts a fight and then runs away as soon as it gets hot.

    NOW he’s attacking the Chamber, and guess what – he’s going to give this up just like he gave up all the rest. I know what they’re doing, they’re trying everything they can and hoping something will stick – but they have FORGOTTEN that trying a whole string of lame attacks that fail and empower your enemies just makes you look pathetic and incompetent!

    And now he is locked into a path of incompetence, and has never learned the rule of holes – when in one, stop digging! Everything he does now just makes things worse for him.

  9. crosspatch says:

    “I know what they’re doing, they’re trying everything they can and hoping something will stick”

    It is way too late for that. People aren’t going to vote for a “big government Democrat” because of some mud slinging. People are going to ask themselves, ok, so the CoC donated to a Republican, is that enough to make me back the Obama, Reid, Pelosi agenda with my vote? And I believe in most cases the answer will be “no”.

    Look at Meg Whitman in California. Her maid told her she was here illegally and had lied about her status and used forged documents. Whitman fired her and the liberal papers in California are trying to give her hell for it. Now imagine what would have happened if she had NOT fired the maid. Her opponent is currently the state Attorney General. So now imagine the maid runs to Brown with THAT information and Whitman is charged with knowingly hiring a person who is not entitled to work.

    So she was set up and placed in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” position and her only choice was to fire the maid.

    People in California have already made their minds up. Heck, many have already voted.

  10. Redteam says:

    Jay, you ever heard the saying ‘ a rising tide lifts all boats”?

    Well, there is a rising tide and I don’t believe there is any way that O’Donnell doesn’t get lifted also. The people of DE are not stupid and I believe that is a prerequisite for electing a socialist.

    I think you don’t have too much to worry about if you live in that state.

  11. Jay032 says:

    Um, Red, I guess you haven’t exactly been paying attention to the polls lately. Every damn one of them has her down double digits. You can believe what you wnat, but the evidence says otherwise. Stupidity may be a prerequisite for elecitng a socialist, but it’s also a prerequisite for electing a pathological liar, tax-evading crook, and serial deadbeat–all of which O’Donnell is. Now if you can provide come–nonanecdotal–proof that O’Donnel is catching up to Coons, then I’ll hear your argument with a bit more sympathy. Otherwise, I’ll have to go with what the actualy evidence–ie, polling–says. That is that O’Donnell is doomed.