Sep 30 2010

G*D Damn Bureaucrats Wasting OUR Money!!!

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My company sits on the brink because, as a federal contractor, I am having trouble getting work in the new government fiscal year that begins tomorrow because the lame butts in Congress failed to pass a budget this year! Even with massive majorities in the House and Senate the elitists in Congress ran out of town and left the government to run on a ‘Continuing Resolution” (CR).

The problem with CR’s is they freeze all spending to last year’s levels. So if a project was to start this year, or was to go from design (low level of effort) to development (peak effort) it can’t under the CR. No new work is authorized, no increases in spending are authorized. Work that should be shutting down is stuck with money it can’t use. And now we learn the Federal Government is going to replace EVERY BLOODY STREET SIGN in the nation because some bureaucrat did not like the damn FONT!

The city will change the lettering on every single street sign – at an estimated cost of about $27.5 million – because the feds don’t like the font.

Street names will change from all capital letters to a combination of upper and lower case on roads across the country thanks to the pricey federal regulation, officials said Wednesday.

There are 3 families trying to make a living from our little micro-company. Our hopes of growing as we did last year are now replaced with prayers we keep ourselves afloat each month. And these yahoos spend $27.5 million in New York City alone on this madness! We could operate for over 20 years on that kind of money. Please lord, let us throw these useless tools out and save this nation and its people.

BTW, if anyone who can afford it would be willing to send a donation to keep the site up another month or two I would appreciate it very much. I would love to be able to cover this historic election at least, before we start closing shop. Thanks in advance!

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  1. crosspatch says:

    This is typical of the idiotic nonsense these morons in Congress produce. They ignore their primary job, passing a budget, yet find time for inane bull5h1t like this. They can’t vote on tax cuts yet find time to pass a law limiting TV commercials:

    And most of their new laws are mainly about shoving their social agenda down our throats.

    I am beyond sick of it. I am in “you just wait till November” mode at this point. One thing I would like to see us do is to completely eliminate Congressional pensions. They should get the same standard social security everyone else gets and that is it. If they want to fund their retirement with a 401K or something out of their salary according to the same rules as everyone else, fine, but no more of these gold plated pension plans for Congress. They simply don’t deserve it.

  2. WWS says:

    I’ll guarantee you that if we could get to the bottom of this “Font” request, we’ll find that the person pushing it has a direct financial relationship with whoever is getting the contract for supplying the new signs.

    Big donations, or a kickback, maybe even a family member who owns the company who benefits – track it down, and the link will be there.

    Of course we no longer have a press that is interested in doing any of that hard investigative stuff that used to be called “journalism” any more. Too bad we may never find out because of that, because this isn’t really “nanny state-ism”; this is out and out Graft, Theft, and Fraud, the old fashioned kind, just like Boss Tweed used to do back in his day.

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  4. tarpon says:

    Next year, all caps will be the in thing, and they will change back.

    You got to dig the pothole before you fill the pothole.

    Who said big government is sane? They allowed BP to deep drill with a single casing well design didn’t they? Which is what failed — And then filled the ship with water until it sank. Probably never dawned on them a deep water drilling rig is just another fancy name for ship, ya know, floats with the water on the outside type stuff.

  5. ivehadit says:

    Another thing to be cut and stopped in January.

  6. Mike M. says:

    WWS may well be right.

    But there is a bigger factor. The appearance of Doing Something.

    Anyone in government is looking for ways to make it look like they are doing something useful…when quite often, their jobs are essentially reactive. Like firefighters.

    I’ll lay money that the people who ordered this up – and, BTW, did not think to let signs be replaced with a new font on an as-required basis – wrote themselves up for a good performance appraisal.

    As for Congress – AJ, don’t get me started. Given the amount of money being spent, passing a budget should be the FIRST priority.

    P.S. – A challenge. I just kicked in $30. I challenge the rest of the readership to donate at least half as much.

  7. Marsh says:

    Anybody get a look at the designs for the Ground Zero mosque?

    The newly unveiled “official” architectural renderings of the Ground Zero Mosque, now being rebranded and sanitized as the “Park 51 Community Center” reveal a disturbing, insidious message.


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