Mar 03 2006

This Is Class

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This is the Blogosphere at its best – a heart felt mea culpa on Michael Brown. I take pride in being one of the few bloggers who stayed by Brown and did not succumb to the mob frenzy.  Reading my post from September 27th I realized how angry I was at people for jumping to harsh conclusions based on thin to non-existant evidence:

I have found the need by pundits, left and right, to jump on Michael Brown as the reason the Katrina response was ‘not adequate’ to be the the epitomy of arrogance.

To Congress, media and bloggers alike – if you want my respect on this subject you better come equipped with some hands on experience of your own. Armchairing is easy – so easy it becomes an addiction.

Hindsight is wonderful, but scapegoating with hindsight is disgusting. So while so many stick their noses up at Brown for not being experienced enough, I remind them he is much more qualified than they are on this subject. He is more qualified than I am.

We are not “Insta-experts” in all things because we have readership or viewership. A lesson to keep in mind. Repeat offenders of drive by misfires should especially take note. False alarms will reduce your credibility faster than you could ever imagine.

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  1. Cooper says:

    I agree – I knew from the beginning thay MB was the scapegoat in all this. And the Nagin-Blanco tag team is now continuing to pile on him – hoping to deflect from their complete incompetence. Funny – Michelle Malkin was one of the first bloggers to pile on MB – and even with incontrovertible proof – she will never apologize.

    Kudos to those that learn from their mistakes.

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