Sep 08 2010

Dumb Quran-Burning Protest Is Un-American

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Those yahoos in that FL church who plan to reenact one of the worst aspects of Nazi politically-correct policing (book burning) are demonstrating why just because an act may be legal, it still not ought to be done. Burning the Quran is not going to enrage the militants to new levels of hate. They already want to kill Americans in droves, they simply lack the capability to do so (until the Mad Mullahs of Iran get a nuke). And I doubt it will significantly increase recruitment into the suicide corpse – Americans patrolling Taliban, al Qaeda and Muslim lands are a sufficient affront to those who dream of dying a Jihadi death to keep the ranks filled to some level.

But if even a single American dies because of this self-promoting stunt, then this act of book burning is a unforgivable sin – a premeditated sin. All these so-called people of faith behind it are going to rot in hell for not checking their egos and, instead, destroying a good life. A life better than any of them.

The worst aspect of this is the lame excuse these people use for not listening to what everyone else is trying to explain to them. They don’t get that this kind of act is not what the nation wants linked to its remembrance of 9-11. Their rationale (if anyone would dare use ‘rational’ in the same sentence) is they want the militants to know how it feels when they burn American flags and bibles. The so-called thinking is we should act like fanatical Islamo Fascists in response to fanatical Islamo Fascist. Pathetic.

9-11 is a day to remember those who died and those who sacrificed themselves to save others (firefighters, police, medical personnel, the passengers and crew of flight UA 93, etc). It is a day to reaffirm why we sacrificed so many in the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan in order to free Islam and the world from the cutthroat terrorists. It is a day to look back and remember how, on 9-12-01, al Qaeda and Bin Laden where the future of Islam, and how today they are seen as the enemy of Islam by a vast majority of Muslims across this world. It is a day to reflect on how we can help Islam deal with the cancer of Islamo Fascists, and emerge out of all this once again a tolerant, peaceful and modern religion. 9-11 is not about creating anger, which will lead to more useless bloodshed.

It is not a day for ego-stroking, grand-standing that lowers us to the same gutter-level as the sick people who perpetrated the mass murder on 9-11. Whatever that sad group of people in FL do, they are no better than that whacked out church who protest the funerals of our fallen military heroes. They will not succeed in highjacking the memorial of 9-11 from this great nation. They will not divert us from the cause we took up with President Bush, when he used that bullhorn on top of the rubble of the World Trade Center. We will bring justice and enlightenment and tolerance – not hate and book burning.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    I do not agree with the burning of the Quran, even though they have every right to do this idiotic action.

    The following post is carried over from the previous thread to let you guys know what’s going on in Houston with respect to voter fraud. Come to think of it…remember how Carter certified Chavez?

    Trent and AJ,

    There Really Is Something Rotten in the Justice Department

    The author of this article was accused as vote suppressors.

    Then we get this article written by Bryan Preston:

    It’s Time to Worry About Houston
    Voter fraud and a suspicious fire threaten the November elections in Texas’ largest city. (Author Bryan Preston joins the PJM and PJTV staffs today.)

    “That’s not good enough for the Democrats. Rather than pull together and work with the county and the state to support the Apollo-level effort to maintain the vote, the Texas Democratic Party, controlled by a Washington activist, is suing Vasquez. But even more dangerous, the Democrats have used the occasion to call for the Justice Department to step in and “monitor” Harris County’s elections.”

    The reason the Democrats are fighting for Houston is because they believe that if Bill White wins Houston, he will win the entire state.

    But there’s a huge fight for Houston by both sides. And you just might be right that there is going to be a huge backlash.

  2. joe six-pack says:

    I agree in that these guys should not burn the Koran. However, we all seem to agree that they have the right to. Kind of like building the Mosque at ground zero.

    What I find interesting is the potential reaction to a burning of the Koran. Have a burn the Bible day in some Muslim country. Would we see the same reaction as we will if these guys go ahead with burning the Koran? Vocal protest only? I think not for at least one important reason.

    Maybe this is just me, but I believe that each Koran is actually considered something to be physically defended, like land. ‘Occupied’ Muslim land has historically been physically defended and is constantly being brought up. Each Mosque is similar. I wonder what would happen if the ground zero mosque was built and subsequently ‘occupied’ by our police or military because of some major crisis.

    Remember how simply the idea of flushing a Koran down the toliet ‘insulted’ so many Muslims? Islam is seen as a form of governance. It was designed with the power and authority of a modern nation-state. This concept is alive and well today. The burning of a Koran is even more delicate than burning the Constitution, because the Koran combines the Bible and the US Constitution in ideology. This is another root cause of the violence and warfare that is so common throughout the Islamic world.

  3. BarbaraS says:

    Christians and/or patriots consider the burning of the bible and/or the flag as unfortunate bad judgement. We regret the hatred that causes such an act but it is not the end of the world. Burning the koran is the end of the world to the muslims. The koran and islam is their reason for living.

  4. WWS says:

    This is where our media obsessed culture with all of it’s rewards for sensationalism gets really disgusting. The guy promoting this is some nobody that no one would *ever* have heard of if he hadn’t come up with a stunt like this, and now thanks to the slobbering media attention he’s going to have all kinds of people paying attention to him, asking him for interviews, and making him think he’s some kind of important – which is what a personality like that craves more than anything else in the world.

    It is the guarantee of media attention all by itself that *Causes* fools like this to act out – if they weren’t going to get any attention, they’d have no reason to do it.

    Put another way, I think the other plan this guy was considering this fall was to light his genitals on fire while he jumped off a 10th story balcony into a big vat of molasses. But burning Korans was a lot cheaper and easier to set up.

    One other thing – since this can be viewed as a direct Incitement to Violence, there is plenty of justifiable legal ground for the local police to ban a display of this kind. Free speech rights end when you can show that the speech itself is likely to cause physical harm to an innocent person, and we have Gen. Petraeus’ word that this display will.

  5. del says:

    AJ, you have hit the nail on the head. Might does not make right.

  6. momdear1 says:

    I don’t understand why you all keep saying this guy will be responsible for violence. He will not be the person killing Americans. It’s the nut jobs who are crazy enough to get all worked up into a state of hysteria who will be responsible if they start killing people. . Why isn’t everybody jumping on the terrorists who are looking for any excuse to attack innocent people in order to instill terror in everyone so that they can spread their stupid “religion” by fear and terror. Every time we force someone into complying with their demands because we fear their violence we give in to them and they count is as a victory. Bullies will push as far as you are willing to back up. Everytime we react to their threats, or fear of threats, it emboldens them to push more and harder. A better way to handle this is to round up all those malcontents who are so offended by this action that they feel justified to issue warnings of what they will do if we make them mad and deport them. If they are undeportable they should be charged with making threats, disorderly conduct or whatever else applies. As it is, the American people are being blackmailed into accepting the edicts of these hateful people, most of whom would just as soon slit our throats as look at us. Note that all Muslims consider this action as a “crime against Islam” It isn’t just the crazies among them. It’s all of them. This is America. If they want to live among us they should adapt their behavior to our expectations and way of living, and not expect us to adapt our actions to accomodate them. If I had a Koran I think I would go out and burn it in the middle of the street in front of my house just to show them, and the world, that I don’t give a s–t what they think of what I do. Reagan said it best. “PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH.” Not Dhimitude nor accommodation and acceptance of unreasonable demands.

  7. Toes192 says:

    Here’s the difference, people…
    If I burn a Bible… you might say… Bad boy… You’re a creep…
    If I burn the Koran… some Muslim might very likely kill me…
    Ref my 15 yrs in Saudi Arabia working and interacting and chatting with Muslims every…single…work cycle…I can testify that these people are faaaar! more serious with their religion than us Christians …
    MomDear… Your statement about burning a Koran is just chest-puffery bluster… Entire nations are bowing to the special needs… such as Sharia law … that Muslims “demand” as their “right.”
    I have observed and confirmed that the critical mass is somewhere around 5-10% … when the Muslim population gets to that point in a country… they demand very physically and vocally and every other way that your country change its character and subscribe to Muslim demands …

  8. rbrown8288 says:

    Why can’t we all just sing kumbaya whilst the Mussies are slitting our throats and stoning our daughters(afterall, they are expendable according to the nasty holy book of the Islamo’s). Holy cow! Some dude is going to burn some paper book to get hisself some press? So what. Don’t watch the alphabet nets or TV, and you won’t be offended. And please refrain from “whackjobs” dumb christians and other terms which I find offensive – these are “ordinary” Americans. You can see them any time in the welfare lines, walmarts and denny’s.

  9. Terrye says:

    I read that this idiot is aligned with the anti semitic church that runs around demonstrating at the funerals of American soldiers.

    Whatever, it is a stupid thing to do, it serves no purpose and it will likely be an unnecessary provocation to people who need little provocation.

  10. Terrye says:


    Believe it or not it is possible to jump on both the terrorists and the moron who is burning the Korans…once he has been asked not to on the grounds that it can get people killed, then yes, he is responsible for whatever mayhem follows..the fact that he is not the only one who will be blamed does not make him blameless. The truth is he and the terrorists are feeding off each other.

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  12. Frogg1 says:

    US Burned Bibles In Afghanistan – In 2009

    Did Obama say it was “un-American”? Did Rahm Emmanuel say it was “idiotic and dangerous”?

    If we didn’t care about this; and, we only care about burning the Koran…..then it is not really about burning books is it?

  13. Fai Mao says:

    A quick question to any Muslim reading this list.

    If I use a Kindle electronic book to down load a Koran and then delete it will it upset you? If not how is that different? What if I do it with malace and aforethought as a form of protest? What if it is an English Translation which you don’t comsider to be “True Koran” anyway?

    That said these people are being pedantic but their point is a valid one. The West needs to stand up to Islam and confront Muslims with the barbarity of their religion. Islam is the ONLY religion to have ever killed more people than a major disease. Assuming, it is a religion at all. This whole episode shows just exactly how idiotic Islam is.

  14. Redteam says:

    “since this can be viewed as a direct Incitement to Violence, there is plenty of justifiable legal ground for the local police to ban a display of this kind. Free speech rights end when you can show that the speech itself is likely to cause physical harm to an innocent person, and we have Gen. Petraeus’ word that this display will.”

    No way.

    There is no way that burning a book can be shown to maybe cause physical harm.. If the flame can’t get to your skin, it can’t burn you. So there is just NO way. Speech usually can’t cause physical harm ‘ assuming they don’t do it in a crowded theatre’. So, we’re all Americans, let them do their dumb thing and ignore it. If the lib formerly MSM hadn’t reported it, I would never have known about it. General Petraeous heard about it before I did.

    I think it’s kinda dumb and insignificant, but let them do their thing. It won’t hurt anyone.

  15. rbrown8288 says:

    Hit on George Neumayer excellent take on this non problem. Of course the nanny government types are all over this.

  16. Toes192 says:

    The difference, Fao … is that you would not dare do that in front of a Muslim …

  17. Layman says:

    Help, I’m missing something here!

    We’ve got regular run-of-the-mill Muslims taking to the street and actually burning the American flag (to protest something a single kook is threatening to do but has not yet done). Why isn’t everyone worried that these flag burnings will unnecessarily porvoke normal Americans to rise up in violence and attack Muslims? Why is it we must be so damn sensitive so as not to provoke them but they can do anything they want to “protest” against us and it is not a provocation? Why can they burn our flag and shout “Death to America” without concern of retribution but we have to ban political cartoons that might offend them? Somehting is totally wrong here!

    And finally, why is it that normally thoughtful bloggers suddenly start tossing the phrase “unamerican” around? Why are reasonable people petrified in fear about the reaction of the Muslim world? This guy in Florida is a whackjob seeking his 15 minutes of fame. He is not unAmerican.

  18. momdear1 says:

    Does anyone remember all the accommodating contortions we were subjected to when there were claims someone had flushed a Koran down a toilet at Gitmo? I have wondered just what kind of super toilets they had there. If I flush more than 3 pieces of tissue down mine I have to call a plumber. Yet our whole country was subjected to self flagilation and guilt trips for an action that could not have possibly taken place. It doesn’t matter what we do or don’t do, these crazed fanatics are going to kill Americans every chance they get. If they don’t have an excuse they will make one up. What some oddball character does or doesn’t do in this country is not going to change their killing habits. Americans are in their gun sights. All Muslims are taught from infancy to hate and to kill us. So why are we aiding and abetting theim by reporting their blood thirsty threats? If they get a chance they are going to kill. It’s their duty to kill all nonMuslims. It’s in their “sacred” protected “holy book.” If the truth be told. that holy book should be labeled what it is, Hate Literature, and put on one of those lists people should avoid lest they be guilty of a hate crime for possessing it. If people can be prosecuted for saying the N word, why can’t they be prosecuted for quoting from this vile, evil book which advocates murder and other atrocities.

  19. owl says:

    I have always felt total disgust for anyone that would burn a Bible or a flag of any country. I have watched it happen for years. It gives me a sick feeling. Same sick feeling I get when I watch the Racists strut along and call everyone else a racist. It is sick. It is disgusting. It is so wrong.

    The only reason the racists have been able to get away with this behavior is because WE allow it. If you have any age, you have seen both real racism and this faux racism that has been brainwashed into the young.

    About the book burning? I have kept my mouth shut because I would never deliberately raise the danger on anyone’s child. Not like these newly religious DIMS, that never gave a damn about a soldier under Bush. I say get the troops out and then talk to me about it. I am tired of the bullies and if we keep on allowing this double standard, we lose. It does not matter how dumb or low class the act. I am watching them win.

  20. AJ,

    Pastor Terry Jones got the attention he did due to CAIR manipulating the American media and government.

    That report was picked up six days later by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy group. The organisation linked to the TV news report on its YouTube page and called on American Muslims to respond with educational “Share the Koran” events.
    Other activists posted their own passionate thoughts onto YouTube, among them British group Campaign Islam. TV news satellite trucks The media presence has engulfed the tiny congregation in Gainesville, Florida
    It is clear that at that point, campaigners in America and abroad were paying close attention to the story. But Mr Jones’ Koran-burning plans had yet to make the headlines of the mainstream media. Still, he was sufficiently well known to provide a colourful, provocative voice in pieces about extreme views of Islam in the US.