Mar 02 2006

Able Danger Conference Call With Weldon

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For those who were not following the conference call updates on other sites, Curt at Flopping Aces and Vi from QT Monster posting on Able Danger Blog have links to the audio of the conference call and some comments.

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  1. Snapple says:


    Would you ask Weldon, next time you talk, if JD Smith is an Indian or not? I’d like to see Shaffer correct that officially via Weldon’s site if he mistyped his testimony. What some blogger or the lawyer Zaid said doesn’t count. It shouldn’t be a big deal if it is just a typo to make a correction and post it on Weldon’s site.

    Weldon should ask Mr. Smith if he is an Indian and post what he says. There are reasons to think there might possibly be some Indian angle to this.

    I also notice that some blogger is claiming a “mystery woman” is not part of the Able Danger story. This is a typical stratagem of people around Ward Churchill. There is often some “mystery woman” who is supposedly key. But it is a con.

    Sometimes bloggers just make things up. The blogger claimed that a military lawyer had identified some woman, but the lawyer was not named and neither was the woman. The story had no credible sourcing.

    Something is odd about this Able Danger business. Ward Churchill is sniffing around Able Danger for some reason. Weldon should notice this.

    I think Churchill may be worried what Able Danger found. A lot of interesting people are getting arrested. Maybe he had some contacts with them and thnks they were found by Able Danger or something.
    A musician who was arrested had a note about buying a Churchill tape in his car.

    Churchill was an opponent of the sanctions on Iraq. He basically supported Saddam’s positions. Churchill tied the 9-11 bombings to Iraq. He never mentioned Al Qaeda in “Some People Push Back.”

    I am pretty sure Churchill goes on the Internet and manipulates blogs. This is very important to know.

  2. AJStrata says:

    Snapple, this was discussed with folks who know and it is a typo. I and others really do not have the time to run this down anymore. JD Smith is not Indian, he is from Indiana. Think about it, what would be the point? The other bloggers are all close associates of mine who have been working to bring this issue out into the open air. There are actually two unnamed women of interest. Curt at Flopping Aces posted on the woman who worked for JD Smith who was the one found and purchased the infamous photo of Atta back in 2000. The other one is the one who talked to an associate of Cambone, who is investigating the Able Danger story for the Pentagon, who told this woman on an airplane the Able Danger story was going to dry up and go away. She is a retired intelligence officer and well known in the community. Both are keeping their names out of the mess for now.

    Churchill is a flaming lunatic all on his own without any association with Able Danger. He is a liberal nutcase. What else needs to be said?

  3. Snapple says:

    Here is the post about the Mystery Lady. It is vague–no names. So how do we know that the story is true? Nobody is on record.
    Wednesday, March 01, 2006
    Mystery Woman Identified
    From Rory O’Connor:

    [NOTE—see O’Connor’s site at

    Sources close to the ongoing Department of Defense investigation into the controversial Able Danger data mining intelligence program, which purportedly identified Mohammed Atta and three other 9/11 hijackers a year before the worst terror attacks in US history, say the mystery person who actually obtained a much-disputed photograph of Atta for the Able Danger team has now been identified.

    Ever since the Pentagon-ordered destruction in 2000 of 2.5 terabytes of data unearthed by Able Danger – allegedly including a chart featuring Atta’s photograph that revealed terrorist links and patterns when clicked on – skeptics have long raised doubt about the very existence of the chart and the photograph in question.

    It has now been confirmed that a female contract employee of defense contractor Orion Scientific, which provided personnel and proprietary software to the original Able Danger operation, has been identified as a result of investigation by the Pentagon’s own Inspector General.

    Identification of the mystery woman lends more credence to claims by Able Danger members, such as team leader Captain Mark Phillpott, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer, and Orion analyst J.D. Smith, among others, that the Able Danger program did in fact identify four 9/11 hijackers well before the attacks.

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  4. Snapple says:

    OK AJ.

    I am trying to warn you. Churchill may make trouble about Able Danger. He may try to get the information.

    You see how the terrorist Massoui is wanting Weldon to testify because of Able Danger?

    Churchill was pretty much a propagandist for Iraq.

  5. AJStrata says:


    Churchill is an idiot. He wouldn’t know what to do with real information. The stuff that makes Able Danger work (Data Mining) is well beyond his IQ.

  6. Snapple says:

    AJ writes:

    “I and others really do not have the time to run this down anymore.”

    It takes two seconds. Why won’t they go on record–on the official Congressional site and say Smith is not an Indian he is from Indiana. Why won’t they correct the record if it is a tiny typo?

    Anyone can say anything on a blog. Unless you document sources, you are just some anonymous person. You saying Smith is not an Indian means nothing. Someone has to put his name behind it.

    And you didn’t run it down. I ran it down. I asked Zaid and a Weldon aid in person almost two weeks ago. Ask them. They will remember me. Zaid and Weldon’s aid.

    They didn’t know if Smith was an Indian or not. They just said it must be a mistake. It must be Indiana, but they looked at each other for help. They were winging it. Clueless.

    What do Shaffer and Smith say–in their own names. Let Shaffer write on Weldon’s site that it was a mistake.

    That shouldn’t be classified, right? Smith could be a member of a tribe and not look Indian. Many Indians don’t look Indian. They can have blue eyes and red hair.

  7. Snapple says:

    Churchill has managed to trick lots of people. He is a very cunning person.

    He is very good at posing as what he is not and eliciting information.

    Believe me. I know.

    I would like to ask this Smith in person if he is an Indian. What a blogger claims doesn’t count.

    How did a retired Indiana cop happen to be a big government computer expert?

  8. Snapple says:


    Besides the Indian angle, there is the “mystery lady” angle.

    Churchill and his sockpuppets are big on mystery ladies.

    Churchill lawyers were very involved in propaganda about the JonBenet Ramsey murder and introducted a mystery lady.

    A blog run by Churchill or his sockpuppets has a mustery lady.

    Now Able Danger has a mystery lady. Since Churchill went to Cynthia McKinney’s Able Danger conference (Bush knew, etc),
    Indians and mystery ladies become important.

    If it is true that “Indian” is a typo, Weldon shouldn’t mind posting the truth on his official site.

    I double-dog dare you.