Feb 28 2006

Rockefeller Lies – Is It A Coverup?

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Senator Jay Rockefeller wrote a pathetic piece in The Hill newspaper today on why Congress should play armchair general in a war. Ignoring the unconstitutionality of such a political wet dream, the Senator illustrates why we don’t want 400+ armchair Generals deciding military actions based in what will generate the most votes. Politicians aren’t open, accurate or honest. That is why we have a balance between civil rule and career military.

But ‘Ol Jay also lied (or did he just make a really, really helpful error) when he wrote this:

When I first learned of the program July 17, 2003, I understood very well that the administration was entering into uncharted areas where new technologies could support our growing counterterrorism efforts. I understood that this program could be of significant value, but I also recognized that it raised considerable legal and constitutional issues. And it was obvious to me that the limited briefings being provided to eight members of Congress were woefully insufficient. I wrote the vice president that very day to say that without the ability to consult with staff or counsel I could not possibly evaluate, much less endorse, the program.

Since the existence of the program was leaked to the press in mid-December and confirmed by the White House, it has become increasingly clear that the administration has an obligation to fully inform Congress.

Emphasis mine. The Senator surely knows the leak actually happened prior to the election in 2004 – we all know that! Jame Risen, the leakee, had first taken the story to the Administration back then. About the time Rockefeller was readying his plan to elect Kerry and win the Senate…..

Coinicidence? I wonder.  Is he establishing an alibi here?  We shall see if he quotes this as evidence he could not possibly have known about the leak later!

It may well be that all members of the Senate Intelligence Committee would support the program if they were apprised of its scope and usefulness.

Did Poppin’ Jay miss the full briefing of the NSA program to this committee and the subsequent vote to table an investigation? Is he playing dumb or is he really this dumb? Or does he think Americans are this dumb?

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  1. karlmaher says:

    Herbie casts one vote for “really this dumb.” But also casts votes for disingenuous, mendacious and prevaricating.

  2. Larwyn says:

    The Left controls the NEA and the NEA controls the Left and
    mis and under educates our young.
    The Dems depend on the dumb.
    Kerry won the HS Dropout vote and advanced degree vote.

    Bush won HS Graduates and College Graduates.

    Rocky is like the rest of the elite – think they are smarter than the
    rest of us and that the LSM will protect them.

    Those days are over – thanks to people like you!