Feb 27 2006

Democrats Playing With Fire – Bush Will Rebound

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George Bush has been patiently trying to set a positive, concilliatory tone for debate in this city since he got here 5 years ago.  But the Democrats are not class acts and have no inate ability to hold a civil debate.  But to many, Bush seems a push-over.  In reality he has the calm of someone who can, at will, turn the tables on his opponents in brutal fashion if they select that field to do battle on.

Senate Democrats have been demagogueing and apparently leaking critical, classified information regarding our national security efforts against Al Qaeda.  First was the Plame Game (yes, all the information on sources and methods regarding Joe Wilson’s trip was highly classified), then came the CIA ‘prisons, and then came insurgent air transport, and then there was the damaging NSA leak.  One could add the DPW issue to the list because of the classified security aspects nearly leaked.

Well, with that much leaking you don’t need Able Danger to connect the dots. It seems if you lay out a timeline of leaks and who knew what, when, you get a clear picture of who the leakers must be.  Being Senators I would actually expect the clumsiness that comes from arrogance of power.  So now we have the very good chance one or two Democrat Senators may be the subject of some very serious investigations (and hearings?) this summer…

Mac Ranger has the details.

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  1. Retired Spook says:

    Back when I was active in the intelligence community, “NEED TO KNOW” were the watch words that we lived by. If you didn’ have the need to know, you didn’t know — period. And the more sensative and compartmentalized the information, the fewer the people who had the need to know.

    From what I read and hear in the news and on the internet, we, as a country, have become extremely lax in the way we protect classified information. The cavalier attitude that politicians like Sen. Rockefeller have toward sensative information, using it for political advantage, is beyond reprehensible. I hope something good comes out of these inventigations. This is not a game. We are engaged in a conflict with an enemy that wants to kill as many of us as possible. If elected representatives are found to have compromised classified information, for any reason, I hope they are prosecuted and sent to prison. And I don’t much care what political party they’re from.