Feb 24 2006

German Anti American Propaganda

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Der Spiegel demonstrates how Germany perfected the art of political propaganda under Hitler and today, still, can shred the truth to their own political will by censoring key elements of Karen Hughes comments in their German edition of an interview:

In her response to the second question on the recent release of Abu Ghraib photos, Hughes says: “We don’t want to be defined by those pictures, any more than the people of Germany would want your country to be defined by pictures of crimes.” The segment in bold (emphasis ours) is omitted from the German version.

Recall, Karen Hughes is on the road trying to communicate America’s true positions on Global War on Terror, etc.  Apparently some Germans still fear the truth and try and hide it like the dummkopf’s they are.  Hat tip RCP.

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  1. Snapple says:


    We have terrorists sites in English that love Elf, Alf, and the foreign terrorists. They post pictures of torture. I think the torture pictures should be studied by experts to see if they are fakes.

    Here is some REALLY disgusting anti-American propaganda and pictures.


    They are supporters of the American radical professor, fake Indian, accused plagiarist Ward Churchill. Churchill was a big opponent of the UN sanctions on Iraq. He is very interested in the topic of Able Danger, too.

    The posters sound they they are Ward Churchill, but they have hats, so one can’t know for sure.