Jul 26 2010

Media Discovers War In Afghanistan

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So far what I have read on the leaked Afghan reports indicates there is a lot of ‘nothing’ there, except a detailed listing of how information flows from the field in times of war. The Washington Post is painfully muted in its declarations:

One report from the spring of 2007 refers to witnesses who saw what appeared to be a heat-seeking missile destroy a CH-47 transport helicopter. The Times first unearthed the document in its review of the files. The Chinook crash killed five Americans, a British citizen and a Canadian. Even though the initial U.S. report stated that the helicopter was “engaged and struck with a missile,” a NATO spokesman suggested that small-arms fire was responsible for bringing down the helicopter.

Although the use of such weapons by the Taliban appears to be very limited, the disclosure that relatively low-tech insurgents had acquired such arms would have fostered the impression that the Afghan war effort was faltering at a time when U.S. fatalities in Iraq were at record levels and the Bush administration was struggling to maintain support for the Iraq war even among its Republican base.

Wow – hold the presses! The Taliban found one of those left over missiles from the Russian occupation – maybe. Its one possibility, possibly.  They don’t appear to have a huge cache of these weapons, apparently. And there were conflicting reports as to how the helicopter was downed. Stunning.

It gets even better:

But the documents appear to suggest that Pakistan’s spy agency, known as the Inter-Services Intelligence directorate or ISI, might have assisted insurgents in planning some attacks, at least in the past.

It’s like these people are just waking up from a coma that began in August 2001. Can we caveat these revelations any more than this? These were the two top revelations the post could prop up (barely) in their lead story. This isn’t just thin, its transparent.

Welcome to the fog of war and the complexities of the region that thought up the 9-11 attacks.

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  1. kathie says:

    It would be interesting if someone would unearth the Bush era war plan and compare it to the “good war plan” that Obama has devised.

    My thinking is that Obama may wish he had followed the thinking of the Bush administration. Just saying!

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  3. WWS says:

    Hmm -I’ve been thinking this info was leaked by Hillary to embarass Obama, but it is just possible that Obama himself ordered them leaked in order to undercut Petraeus.

    One thing is sure – no way did all of this come out without someone in this administration facilitating it.

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  5. smill1953 says:

    Whoever did leak it doesn’t matter; it’s treason. I think a looooong prison term (at least) is in order.

  6. joe six-pack says:

    President Obama is NOT a moderate. I really doubt he will re-think any of his ideas concerning the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. I am certain that he wants to be out of both countries before the Presidential election cycle begins for 2012.
    This way, he can say that he ended both wars. I just do not see him changing this. Many in the left see things this way as well. I can be just as wrong as the next guy, but I do not see either changing it’s approach or re-thinking it’s ideas. Reassessment is a quality of the moderate.