Jul 16 2010

The ‘Transparent’ Administration

When the country heard the word ‘transparent’ coming out of the inexperienced young senator from Illinois during the presidential campaign season of 2008, they rightfully assumed it meant there would be no more back room deals, special interest favors, bribes or kickbacks.  Well, apparently what the audacious and arrogant candidate meant was he would be quite open about the graft, greed, bribes and kickbacks when he said his administration would be ‘transparent’:

Sources tell ABC News that Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pennsylvania, has informed the White House that he would like to consider remaining in public service after his Senate term ends at the end of this session, and White House officials are keeping an open mind about possible job openings for him.

Specter, who was defeated in his March primary by Rep. Joe Sestak, D-Pennsylvania, is a close friend of Vice President Joe Biden and someone praised for his leadership in pushing for greater funding for the National Institutes of Health.

Specter is also a bit of a Benedict Arnold, who flipped to the Dems on the promise of Obama removing Sestak and other competition from the Democrat primary so he could hold onto his seat. The bribe of an administration job was offered to Sestak, right on queue (more here), but Sestak balked. Clearly plan B in the quid pro quo was some cushy (and highly paid) government job if Specter failed to be elected.

As we know Sestak was not the only one offered a bribe to get out of a senate primary. And those are the two we know of because the DECLINED the offers. And how about the wheeling and dealing being exposed in the Blago trial?

But wait, there’s more! Remember that greeding-frenzy during the health care debate? You had the Louisiana Purchase bribe for Dem Senator Landrieu and  the Corn Huckster bribe for Dem Senator BenNelson. Florida’s Medicare Advantage plan was spared cuts other states would have to shoulder, a special deal for Dem Senator Bill Nelson. And of course the one set of health insurance plans immune to Obamacare are union health care plans.

Yep, from where I sit the bribe and greed in DC is very much visible. The problem is of course, this is just the tip of a foul iceberg. This goes way deeper and broader than what is being reported ‘in the open’.

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  1. WWS says:

    One of the most important reasons for the Republicans to take back the House is so that the Investigations can begin.

    Darryl Issa has vowed to drag all of this regime’s dirty dealing into the light.

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  3. Wilbur Post says:

    Specter is the quintessential politician. Most of them have no principles whatever except for their own ambition.

  4. ivehadit says:

    And I got news for democrats: they can drag out all the (sex) scandels they want. We will NOT be intimidated/snookered. TAKING BACK AMERICA is priority number one.

  5. WWS says:

    In other news today – Sheila Lee Jackson, Congressional Dem, is thankful that we “won” the Vietnam War. Oh yes she is. Which called to mind (and to some blogs) the time when the Mars Rover landed, and she wondered if it drive on over to where the Neil Armstrong left that flag.

    Oh yes she did – and she was honestly surprised when an aide told her that “Mars” and “The Moon” were actually two different places.

    As pathetic as that is, Sheila Lee is still more intelligent than any of the people who voted for her.

  6. ivehadit says:

    Aj, all, did you see the article at Dridge about the government shutting down 73,00 blogs through shutting down a webhoster ??? Did I read that correctly?

    From TorrentFreak.com:
    snip”Fears remain, however, that this action is only the beginning, and that more sites will be targeted as the months roll on. Indeed, TorrentFreak has already received information that other sites, so far unnamed in the media, are being monitored by the authorities on copyright grounds.”

  7. owl says:

    Actually, they are pretty transparent to anyone paying attention. They no longer care who notices the thugs on the loose because no one has the power to stop them. They moved way past outrageous a long time ago.

    We are almost immune and since their media runs the show for the rest of the folks, not much can happen.

    Only if our Congressmen would stop the crap, could anything be done today. The Dems stood on the Senate floor and called Bush a liar about the war. Only one thing would have stopped that crap. Republican Senators needed to stand up and call that particular Senator’s name and call him a liar on the floor. They needed to quote that Senator’s words about Iraq from several years before and call that Senator a bald faced liar. That is what makes the MSM not have the power of Silence.

    I bring this up because I see a new pattern forming. They have almost set it in concrete that the Tea Party is racist. I am hearing it over and over as if it is FACT. There was only one solution and that was to call the real racists….racists. They almost stood on their heads to jump start this campaign with their freedom march through the crowd during Obamacare. They are being more successful with this campaign than most think.

    We have a president that calls himself black. Why is the CBC not a racist organization? Why do we put up with NAACP promoting Farakan and Wright? That’s racism.

    Where are our elected voices that are strong enough to stop some of this stuff by simply calling it what it is? That’s how they get by with it. Over and over and over. They look right into the camera and say the Tea Party should clean up their racism. Clinton did it with those ‘voices on right wing radio inciting violence’ after OK City. Most effective and folks shut up and faded away. So who wants to be a racist?

  8. lurker9876 says:

    I picked up a small book written by David Horowitz called, ‘Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution’. This book provides the best description of Obama and why he does not show us his principles and the details of his ‘Hope and Change’. It also explains why it is difficult to nail down his ideology. That is because he has learned to be deceptive with us while boring within our society.

    This book also makes it very clear why the Conservatives have a lot to learn how to respond to these Alinksy radicals. And with November coming around the corner, the Conservatives must learn very quickly.

    It is no wonder why espousing the founding principles will not help us take back our country. It is because Alinky disciplines learn that earning wealth and prosperity is evil and therefore they must destroy this system.

    Conservatives must learn a different PR game and I have David’s other book to read: ‘The Art of Political War for Tea Parties’.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    David says that the Conservatives must use the leftwing attack plan against the leftwing radicals by recognizing that the most powerful forces obstructing opportunity for poor and minority Americans are the progressives, Democrats, and their political creation – welfare state.

    I once used the argument that the welfare state keeps the blacks oppressed forever and lost.

    Principles of political war:

    1. Politics is war conducted by other means.
    2. Politics is war of position.
    3. In political wars, the aggressor usually prevails.
    4. Position is defined by fear and hope.
    5. The weapons of politics are symbols evoking fear and hope.
    6. Victory lies on the side of people.

    And David explains each principles…

  10. Neo says:

    Calling Arlen Specter anything approaching “Benedict Arnold” does a disservice to Benedict Arnold. Benedict Arnold had some principles that he stood for … Arlen Specter is in this for himself. plain and simple. There is a special “ring” in hell for people like him.

  11. owl says:

    I don’t know Neo……Kay B Hutchinson wrote me a letter once that explained I shouldn’t worry about ole Arlen because he had assured all the Repubs and he would be okay. She probably wonders why Perry (not our brightest star) beat her?