Jun 29 2010

Dems Give West Virginians The Byrd

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West Virginia Democrats are committing political suicide – so I guess I would be the last one to warn them to stop. But I must note the West Virginians are not happy with this Congress, this President or the direction of this country right now. Not happy at all.

So the news the Virginia Democrat machine is planning to pretend for a week there is US Senator sitting in Robert Byrd’s seat is not only an act of political cowardice, it will galvanize the people of West Virginia into toppling the Democrat machine in that state for a long time to come. West Virginians are simple people, but not stupid (half my family hails from West-By-Golly). They will see this act as a craven abuse of power. It will deny them their chance to have a say, and they will not forgive or forget.

While the Dems may have temporarily saved a senate seat by this stunt, that will in all likelihood be the last major Dem seat (US senate, US house or governor) standing in WV come 2012.

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  2. lurker9876 says:

    Using the justification that the deadline for filing has passed. What a strange law.

    The mainstream media is implying the popularity of Manchin and that the West Virginians are Democrats.

    Your post sure painted a different picture.

  3. dhunter says:

    I hope your right. There is no means that the lyin Dems will not use to maintain or further their grip on power over the people.

    Its’ high time the people woke up and high time the liars are IMPEACHED or voted out for a good long time.

    We have rulers in D.C. and the Dem party not public servants. Perhaps Sarah Palin should make a vist to WV to remind the news media and political machinery that Public Servants is what we want and need not preening peacocks who would tell us what is good for us!

    Sarah 2012!
    To Restore America and bring the power back to the people!

  4. mbabbitt says:

    Imagine a Republican governor doing this. Do you think the press would give this a ho-hum, politics-skillfully-played reaction?

  5. lurker9876 says:

    Getting them voted out of office isn’t the final solution.

    Once they are voted out, what do you think they will do? Vilify our new Republicans for everything that they do?

    Secondly, the school curriculum must change to focus more on the truth about our founders, free market economics, and understanding of our how government works (in great details).

  6. BarbaraS says:

    Is this legal? Anybody with a grain of sense would realize there is no senator now for that slot in WV. Some WV citizen should sue all the way to the SC if necessary. The courts’ mantra now, however, is that no one has standing to bring suit against political foes. The dims are great at parsing legalese. They did these shenigans in Alabama three decades go and lost that state to republicans for all time. Lets hope the same thing happens in WV.

  7. BarbaraS says:

    Isn’t it sad and bad for our republic that the dim governors and other officials all across the country vote in lockstep with the democratic party which has turned into a communist entity? The dim party gives everyone on the party orders and those orders are followed mindlessly. They kill completely the independence of individual states.

  8. archtop says:

    # mbabbitton 29 Jun 2010 at 8:45 am

    “Imagine a Republican governor doing this. Do you think the press would give this a ho-hum, politics-skillfully-played reaction?”

    This is the reality of today’s MSM, and why they have (in my mind) no credibility.

    In fact you can create the generic question…

    “Imagine a Republican xxxxx doing this?”

    …for everything from the Gulf Oil Spill, Afghanistan, the crappy economy, calling a constituent a “smart-a$$”, etc.

    And you know what the answer is — as we saw the MSM go absolutely APE over such important issues as Valerie Plame and Mark Foley …

    News today is driven by the Left Wing JournoListers of the MSM.

  9. dhunter says:

    “They kill completely the independence of individual states.”
    We the people must stand up and demand our states assert states rights!

    All rights except those SPECIFICALLY given to the federal Gov’t lie with the states!

    That is why the feds must sue AZ over Immigration they cannot allow the states to assert their rights else their power grab dies on the vine. The states should appoint senators like they used to and they should collect federal taxes at the state level only giving the feds those that they earn. Then Pinnochio and the fed could not bribe the states by withholding highway funds, refusing to address an oil spill, or mandating unfunded medicare and other expenses, else the states would withhold their taxes to pay the mandates.

    The founding fathers intended the power to flow from the states not from the Feds. They came from Fed rule and fought bravely to deny it. We will have to do it all again, else become subjects to the Democrat rulers!

  10. ivehadit says:

    Cannot someone in Wisconsin challenge this?

  11. When I published first my post: Thinking the Unthinkable, I really wondered if I had crossed the line and gone too far.

    Things like this now make me wonder if I suffer from a lack of imagination instead? Or if I’m just too naive?

    I hope to God I’m not indulging in wishful thinking about a reckoning being on its’ way ( “…and the sharks will come.” )

    What we absolutely MUST do this November is not just put in enough Republicans to pass bills to repeal most of the damage that has been done, but to put in enough to override the vetoes that will surely be used when that happens.

    Have no illusions; this November will literally be a fight for our very lives.

  12. AJStrata says:

    I know how you feel Paul, sometimes I wonder if I am not cynical enough!

  13. oneal lane says:


    The unthinkable would be a manufactured crisis. It will serve, no doubt, to delay elections and confluently eliminate/alienate some of the “lefts” most hated enemies or freedoms. I do not think it is too far fetched for this crew.

    States cannot recall senators or congressmen. Here in Louisiana, many studied recalling Senator Mary Landreau after her healthcare vote. It went nowhere because it simply cannot be done.


  14. BarbaraS says:

    I knew it was going to be bad, but I had no idea how bad. I never realized the president could take so much power with no outcries. Whatever happened to checks and balances? I guess we are lucky up to now we have had presidents who loved their country and wanted the best for it instead of a guy who hates this country and wants to bring it down. All the egrigious stuff hitting us in the face day after day is frightening. Obama sure soaked up that Black Liberation philosophy good, didn’t he? Also, the communist manefesto learned at his mother’s and grandparents’ knees.

  15. Oneal:

    A few days after posting Thinking the Unthinkable, I followed it up with Rethinking Recall, in which I concluded that maybe that wouldn’t be such a hot idea after all.

    I like to believe that I made some good arguments to that effect, but now — would you believe that I am rethinking “Rethinking”? 🙂

  16. Dorf77 says:

    Not RIP it is RIH Rot In …..

  17. oneal lane says:


    The healthcare debate proved that senators and congressmen will not listen to constituants when the administration has a grand agenda.

    Most everyone I know has kind of reached the point of, “I cannot wait until November” mode. I am sending dollars Rebublican candidates all across the country. Not sending much at a time, sometimes no more than $10.00 – $25.00, but it gives me a little feeling of empowerment.

    I still cannot fathom how so many people were caught up in the Obama craze, it was so easy to see what he was. It reminds me of the “Jimmy Carter is our savior attitude from 1976”, only Obama is a pure communist. I do not think Carter had reached that point, but he has now.

  18. KauaiBoy says:

    Barbara–the remaining check and balance is the second amendment or the people’s nuclear option.

    Saw a great bumper sticker “God already gave us a savior; what we need is a President”

  19. mbabbitt says:

    Paul, AJ: I too wanted to avoid being cynical (aka venturing closely into conspiratorial mindedness) but I have to say, that with all of the talk about Obama’s unbearable brilliance, it just keeps me moving away from the “he’s just incompetent” angle to more “hes a very clever and cynical manipulator” angle. For my money, Obama seems an icy cold ideologue who has the social skills to make him appear personable, as “just another on of us” to his admirers (and the white-guilt filled) but the America he envisions lays over the grave of the America we have all loved, enjoyed, and felt comfortable with (while acknowledging the significant areas needing improvement). In this way, he is anti-American; this is not what the voters who got him over the 50% line in the election were expecting as they were not reviewing his record. For many today, it is a startling awakening. For many of us, it is a duh! moment. To quote the Global Warming alarmists: “It’s worse that we thought!”

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