Feb 19 2006

Radical Islam’s Political Suicide

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If we deal with this latest round of violent protests by the radical islamists trying to light up World War III, we could lance this boil. Michelle has a great round up of the pictures from this week’s rioting.

What I see is desperation and a faked hatred that cannot sustain itself. Like any riot there will be the gullible and the uncontrolled and the lazy wanting to be rich without trying and the petty….

But there will not be the families trying to educate their children and make a living. There will not be businessmen or world leaders who are vying for peace. There will not be pro-democracy folks. There will not be most of the people in any country. Sometimes, it is best to let these people demonstrate their true colors so they repulse the majority. In Iraq and Afghanistan these riots have done nothing but solidify the support for the alternative: peaceful democratic rule.

Don’t respond to idiots by being a mirror. Respond by being the preferred alternative. There are many ways to stop a cause from destroying itself. One of the best is competing with as if it is your equivalent. The other is to jump down into the gutter with it and give up the high ground in being the alternative. Radical Islam cannot sustain hate against confident, caring, peaceful people. They are their own worst enemy. We are our own worst enemy. So far they are the ones making the big mistakes. They took out Ronald McDonald. Are we going to take out something of theirs – or do something better?

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