Feb 19 2006

A Not So Veiled Threat Of Nuclear War

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Powerline has word of a Fatwa out of Iran that can only be read as threat on the US and West of nuclear war:

On the last subject, Michael Ledeen has been a close student of Iran for roughly the past 25 years. In his most recent NRO column, Ledeen observes: “When the French announced that the Iranian nuclear program was undoubtedly designed to produce weapons, Tehran demanded an apology. Above all, there is no longer any pretense of cooperation with the Big Three negotiators on the nuclear program. This suggests that the mullahs do indeed believe they have acquired nuclear weapons…”

Given that the mullahs are particularly well positioned to base their “beliefs” regarding the status of their nuclear program on the facts in issue, Ledeen seems to suggest that circumstantial evidence points to Iran’s having acquired nuclear weapons. And now MEMRI brings word that the extremist clerics from Qom have issued “a new fatwa” stating that “shari’a does not forbid the use of nuclear weapons.”

Well, at least now no one will wonder why Iran lost its nuclear facilities.

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One Response to “A Not So Veiled Threat Of Nuclear War”

  1. Snapple says:

    This was discussed at the intelligence conference.

    Obviously the Iranians don’t want the nuclear plants for peaceful purposes.

    The final lunch speaker Lieutenant General Tom McInerney called for Iran to be attacked soon.

    He says they would just be bombed and then the opposition would take over.

    I don’t know. When you bomb people usually you have to fix the electric and the water.

    Of course, they are probably about to announce they have THE BOMB.

    Even the French seem not to want to let this happen.