Jun 15 2005

Frist to Call Dem Filibuster Bluff

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The filibuster deal was the beginning of a major PR chess game between Reps and Dems. As I posted previously, the dems have been testing a shell game with words to try and hide from the public (those sneaks!) the fact they are still filibustering by claiming the non-cloture vote is for gaining more information – not filibustering. Funny, a filibuster is a filibuster because you need 60 votes to end debate (obtain cloture). Why one uses a filibuster doesn’t change the fact the vote is a cloture vote. They don’t have a different cloture vote rule for individual reasons for not ending debate?

Anyway, Frist is making a bold move this week on the Bolton nomination which is suffering from this same name changing dodge.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said yesterday he will force another vote to end a filibuster of President Bush’s pick to be ambassador to the United Nations at the end of this week, and called Democrats’ recent letter requesting information “absurd.”

Call their bluff Senator.

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