Feb 07 2006

Democrats Behaving Badly

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Some liberal Democrats are so stupid they think America wants them to act as irrationally and callous as they they can at any time they see fit. The liberal echo chamber caught an ugly harmonic at the funeral for Coretta Scott King when some egotistical, self serving preacher an Jimmy Carter spit on her grave – and that of her husband.

Why do these shallow people think they did Corretta King a favor by despoiling her memorial service, a time for all Americans to come together in celebration of achievement of two immensey important lives, with their ugly hate speech?

That sick reverand used Mrs. King’s death to serve his partisan ego and his political aspirations. He stood in front of her casket, rhetorically on her dead body, to make a name for himself and nothing more. He wanted to make this about him, and not about the Kings.

Disgusting. Carter was disgusting too. People who are so obsessed they have to mar the funeral of a great American like this are just destroying the Democrat party. We all know it is now dying. What we cannot fathom is how ugly the party’s death will be with these hate mongers who now rival the KKK in irrational anger.

The King’s spent their lives trying to heal the anger of the races, and some fool get’s up there and uses her death to promote his racism. The King’s called for respect and human dignity, and some jerk get’s up and demonstrates just the opposite. The King family must be besides themselves.

God’s speed Corretta. May you and your husband find something of merit in what you left behind. Unfortunately your funeral service was not what your life deserved.

Michelle Malkin’s round up is here, Stop The ACLU’s post is here. Ed Morrisset adds his thoughts here.

Someone needs to remind liberals King was wiretapped by leaders of the Democrat Party. Kennedy’s in fact.

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  1. Larwyn says:

    On January 28th, 2006 American Thinker posted
    Gallantry: What Liberals can Learn from George W. Bush
    by Vasko Kohlmayer
    The other day, the American people saw George W. Bush once again addressing his critics in connection with the NSA’s surveillance program . Despite the fact that he has been accused of the worst of possible motives – of willfully and deliberately breaking the law to spy on his fellow citizens – the President tackled this and other gratuitous charges without a trace of anger or bitterness.

    A relative few presidents in this country’s history have endured the kind of vicious and spurious attacks that have been leveled against George Bush. Completely abandoning any sense of decorum or statesmanship, some of the highest officials in the Democratic Party have repeatedly called him a liar, a loser, an election-thief, an airhead, and a fraud. Regularly likened to Hitler, there have been books discussing his assassination. Recently he was even dubbed the world’s greatest terrorist by one of America’s once-prominent entertainers . There are just a few of examples. Sadly, such views are increasingly becoming part of the mainstream liberal outlook.

    But no matter how malicious they have been, George Bush has always faced his critics with affability and goodwill. Even his most bitter enemies – hating him as they do – would be hard pressed to fault him for being uncivil or personally unpleasant. He displays none of the unkindness, harshness or anger one would normally expect from someone engaged in a political struggle against those who frenziedly seek his destruction.

    In fact, Bush’s gallant manner has become something of a trademark. His comportment has served him well, for he has triumphed in almost every great battle he has fought, including two heatedly-fought national elections. His successes tend to drive his opponents into what can only be called spasms of political hysteria, and not knowing what else to do, they crank up even further their already outlandish rhetoric. Their near-madness is indeed a sight to behold.

    You’ll want to read and save the entire essay at:

    Click here: The American Thinker

    MacsMind had this today:

    UPDATE II: Quote from Rush Limbaugh today, “George W. Bush is a classy gentleman. He doesn’t care what these people say about him at Coretta Scott King’s funeral because he knows that they’re the ones that look very small and petty. It’s not affecting people’s perception of him.”

    Exactly the point – Character – something these clowns can’t comprehend. Whether it’s giving up our National Security Secrets or undermining our ability to protect ourselves, the left has made it’s true colors known and come 2006 and 2008 the Country will remember as well.

    UPDATE III: Yep Clueless! You know that they know they’re screwed when they try the Blame Gaming to reverse their Shaming.

    And this evening I received my Mullings E Mail

    A Tale of Two Cities;
    A Tale of Two Men

    by Rich Galen
    Wednesday February 8, 2006
    * From the Washington Post’s coverage of the funeral service for
    Coretta Scott King:

    [Former President Jimmy] Carter delivered some of the most pointed
    comments, noting that Martin Luther King Jr. had been “the target
    of secret government wiretapping and other surveillance” in his
    * From the Atlantic Monthly:

    On October 10, 1963, U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy …
    authorized the Federal Bureau of Investigation to begin wiretapping
    the telephones of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. [To be fair,
    the Atlantic Monthly says this was “one of the most ignominious
    acts in modern American history.”]

    * From the New York Times coverage of the funeral service for
    Coretta Scott King:

    The Rev. Joseph Lowery, who co-founded the Southern Christian
    Leadership Conference with Dr. King [said pointedly]: “She extended
    Martin’s message against poverty, racism and war,” he said. “She
    deplored the terror inflicted by our smart bombs on missions way
    * From the pool report by Joe Curl of the Washington Times:

    Afterward, Lowery moved down the row of Presidents. Bush 43 shook
    his hand, and even pulled him in for a hug with a big smile and a
    twinkle in his eye.
    * Go back to the top and re-read the first bullet point. That tells
    you everything you need to know about Jimmy Carter.
    * Then re-read the pool report. That tells you everything you need
    to know about George W. Bush.

    * On a the http://www.mullings.com/dr_02-08-06.htm

    Hope one of the 527’s that support Republican candidates uses the
    shot of Jimmy at the podium with Pres Bush and First Lady Laura
    seated behind him.

    The Democrats may want to grab a dictionary to look up Gallentry