Feb 05 2006

Super Bowl Commercials

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Here are the commercials my family enjoyed:

MacGyver and the turkey baster
Fabio grows old
Stunt Town
Lamb Streaker
Truck Surfing
Musical cell phone couch fire
Cell phone crime deterant
Fedex Caveman
Magic refrigerator ad
Hide the beers int he office
Young Clydesdale

Honorable mention:

Spock’s sign
Beer pour wave in stadium
Sierra Myst metal detector
Michelob Tackle


Go Daddy rehash
Druid Nuts
Diet Pepsi Ads
Gillete fusion
Cadillac runway
Americaquest fly defibulator and lady airplane passenger

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3 Responses to “Super Bowl Commercials”

  1. Mark_for_Senate says:

    I believe FedEx got their money’s worth, as well as all the ‘Bud’ beer commercials. I liked the ‘cell phone protection’ feature, but I can’t recall the brand. That’s a slight ad problem, but that’s also a very tough market. The stinkers truly stank. GoDaddy needs to advertise their forte. They are on of the best value based domain name broker and reasonable web hosting. Their comercial bordered on offensive for a large demographic. They really blew it. Anyway, reasonably exciting game, some bad calls, some good calls, but expected result.

  2. Kaz-Man says:

    The Fedex commercial was the best, I thought. When the poor schlub said that Fedex hadn’t been invented yet, and the other guy said, “Not my problem!” I lost it. I think we’ve all worked for bosses like that.

  3. VRWconspiracy says:

    I thought the fly defibulator ad was funny, though it would have been better if it were an ad for the trial lawyers.