Feb 05 2006

Plame Source In VP’s Office

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This is the fourth in a series of posts on the Fitzgerald affadavit. The previous post is here.

A source for Fitzgerald is a woman who used to be a member of the the Vice President’s commnication staff according to a statement on the top page 12:

(3) Redacted 1 a former member of the communications staff for the Office of Vice President , recalls advising Libby Redacted 2 in June or early July (at a tme that appears to be prior to the date of the purported Russert conversation) that she had heard that Wilson’s wife worked at the CIA

The ‘she’ I emphasized refers to the first redacted segment and the source of the testimony. The second redacted section looks like this woman on the communications staff told Libby and some other person (speculation here). So who is this woman?

My money is on Mary Matalin, the VP’s communication director. Wikepedia states Matalin is assumed to have testified to the Grand Jury. She is well connected to reporters – as is her husband. Which really begs the question of how THIS person heard about Plame – Fitzgerald doesn’t say. But we all know Matalin worked for CNN and has ties to news media.

I would guess Libby would have her on his witness list.

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  1. Larwyn says:

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  2. Snapple says:


    You will want to read this.

    “Lawyers for Libby, and White House allies, have repeatedly questioned whether Plame, the wife of White House critic Joe Wilson, really had covert status when she was outed to the media in July 2003. But special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald found that Plame had indeed done “covert work overseas” on counterproliferation matters in the past five years, and the CIA “was making specific efforts to conceal” her identity, according to newly released portions of a judge’s opinion. ”


  3. Seixon says:

    I’d say that you are right on the money when it comes to Mary. If she was well-connected to reporters, as you say, wouldn’t that lend credibility to this bit of gossip running amok throughout the press?

    Off topic, if you want to laugh at liberals over NASA science, have a read. Liberals are pissed off because a Bush appointee ensured that the NASA web site referred to the Big Bang Theory as… well, a theory. I’m not even joking. Joshua Marshall thought this was “amazing”. Apparently the War on Science now includes calling scientific theories by their proper descriptions. Gotta love it.

  4. sbd says:

    Mary did testify at the grand jury which has been reported in numerous news stories. What I find interesting is that Mary was also part of the Iraqi Group that helped build the case for war with Iraq. She would have worked closely with those intelligence officials who also worked in the area of WMD. Could Mary also be the White House official who insisted that the 16 words be included in the State of the Union Speech? If so, was she setup, or did she do it on purpose? Let’s not forget that her husband is James Carville.