Jan 29 2006

Somewhat Vs. Strong

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I disagree with Bush on a lot of things. In fact, I would be shocked to find someone in the presidency I agree with 100%. So when someone asks me a question about Bush, I am a ‘somewhat’ person. And if I think he could de better I am ‘somewhat negative’. Does it mean I would vote democrat? Strongly no. The two do not equate. So when I read a poll like this:

——– Approve ——–
NET 42
Strongly 25
Somewhat 18

——- Disapprove ——
NET 56
Somewhat 14
Strongly 42

No Opinion 2


The claim of disapprove is at 56% is just too much of a stretch. The only thing I focus on is the “Strongly” beacuse that is the opposition. That is the group ready to fight to oppose. Which means, in this case, 58% are not in opposition.

Well, if pollsters want to kid themselves with ambiguous and subjective numbers, I could care less.

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