Jan 28 2006

Liberal Snobbery

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I need to add a category for liberals committing blatant political suicide. Now we have Ellen Ratner out saying Americans are too dumb to understand national security.

Pinkerton broached the NSA surveillance issue, asserting that it is playing very well for President Bush, and suggesting that “if the Dems were smart they’d be talking about Medicare and things like that but they can’t get off their ACLU reflex.”

That’s when Ratner committed this classic bit of condescension:

“You know as well as I know: if the American people really understood what was going on with their privacy, and the Democrats could explain it very simple terms, the tide would turn against the Bush administration.”

I think we now have the new Democrat campaign slogan: “If You Are Dumb, Vote Democrat!”

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2 Responses to “Liberal Snobbery”

  1. Mark_for_Senate says:

    That of course is part of the liberals biggest problem; the elite, pompous ‘smartest person in the room’ syndrome. Although you’ve got to give Ellen some credit. Over 49 million ‘idiots’ voted for John Kerry.

  2. Snapple says:

    The liberals are so concerned about the government peeking over their shoulders or listening to the phone conversations, but they are the biggest snoops of my viewing habits.

    Whenever I look at conservative sites or watch FOX NEWS, I have some liberal looking over my shoulders expressing disapproval and telling me how stupid I am.

    At least if NSA is peeking, I don’t have to hear about it!