Jan 18 2010

Another Poll Showing A Brown Wipe Out

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How many ‘dots’ do liberals need to connect to get a clue? Another hour, another poll showing Brown way out in front:

According to the survey conducted Sunday evening, Brown leads the Democratic attorney general 52 percent to 43 percent.

Brown holds a 15-point lead among males and crushes Coakley by 41 points among self-described independents, a group that’s been steadily inching away from the Democratic party over the last year due to growing apprehension with government spending, bailouts and health care reform.

Man, I am actually getting tired of posting all these stunning polls showing a Brown wipe out. Thankfully Coakley and those poor spinning Dems will be put out of their misery by tomorrow night. No more pretending, nor more spinning BS.

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16 Responses to “Another Poll Showing A Brown Wipe Out”

  1. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    A.J…..congrats on your mention today on Rush. At 3:40 central time your site is running slow on my high speed set up and that could well be the reason. Anyhow, from your lips to God’s ears on Brown tomorrow. His victory would truly energize conservative voters across the nation, in spite of his being more a RINO than conservative. Personally, I would perhaps most enjoy watching the suicidal reporters tomorrow evening. I vividly remember the evening of the 1994 election and Andrea Mitchell looking as though she wanted to find a razor blade.

  2. ivehadit says:

    Rasmussen barely picked Brown to win just now on Hannity and Zogby picked Croakly by less than one percent possibly.

    Hope this is a WAKE UP call to the great people of Massachusetts to GET OUT AND VOTE FOR BROWN NO MATTER WHAT!

  3. chilmark_beagle says:

    Cograts AJ!! I found your blog re the global warming hoax and I have been hooked. You are a smart man and live near me. The Rush comment will be BIG for you. I heard his comment and looked at my daughter and said – I know that guy! Keep up the posts! Freedom is in our future.

  4. Redteam says:

    Rush must not know you don’t like ‘true conservatives’.

    So, if I were Coakley, I’d just go ahead and concede before daylight, go into hiding and avoid the embarrassment.

    unless she’s still counting on the dead guys to show up.

  5. Redteam says:

    from HotAir
    “After holding a days-long, closed-door meeting with leading House and Senate Democrats and union lobbyists to hammer out a new compromise ObamaCare bill,”

    So, Democrat house and Senate members and union lobbyists were invited, NO Republicans. Seems as if Republican house and senate members should be able to ‘demand’ to be in negotiations. Are they just not doing so, or don’t they have that ‘right’?
    Hopeanchange in action…

  6. CoolCzech says:

    I’m excited, I’m happy… And I’m worried.

    I keep thking of NY-23, and how the polls had us winning. I pray this one goes thr rigjt way, but Rasmussen and Zogby have me spooked.

  7. CoolCzech says:

    Sorry about the spelling – using an iPod keyboard can do that.

  8. ama055131 says:

    A.J. It seems Nate Silver has join the club putting Brown a 3 to 1 favorite.

  9. AJStrata says:

    Chilmark – thanks! Where do you live (roughly, this is the internet)?

  10. AJStrata says:

    ama – your kidding. Nate 538 finally gave in? Took him long enough (in my best Yoda voice: “ah, denial is strong in this one”)

  11. the botnet says:

    Regrettably, the botnet does not share the optimism expressed by others here. CoolCzech is correct in reminding us about the Hoffman thing in NY-23. Tonight, Allah at Hot Air cited a D internal putting Croakley @ +1.
    Couple that with Rasmussen and Zogby putting it at a slim Brown +1 and what we have is a real white-knuckler.

    A.J., the botnet wishes to congratulate you on your great blog. The Rush citation today was great, and the botnet has become a faithful reader of your work since stumbling here when Climategate broke.

    Best regards,
    the botnet

  12. AJStrata says:


    There are tons of reasons this is not NY-23.

    All you need to know is what the bell weathers showed. Everything else is speculation.

    Hope you stick around!

  13. crosspatch says:

    I think it will be a tight race. The pollsters rarely bother calling the dead to get their opinion and I believe they are the wildcards in this election.

  14. Redteam says:

    It appears that Rasmussen, Zogby and D internal include the dead voters. (The dead voters are the most reliable, they tend to vote 100% Dimocrat.)

    SEIU/ACORN are standing by in case they’re needed.

  15. Frogg1 says:

    I missed it. What did Rush mention about AJ’s Blog today?

  16. the botnet says:

    Surely the botnet understands there is no Scozzawhatever in this race, but are the pedestrian voters (Independents) as fired up as any strawman supposedly believes? No matter how the polling goes w/r/t the indies breaking this way or that, they are, in fact, unreliable.
    the botnet is at peace with the notion counting on pedestrian voters is like herding cats. It seems generally they do not bother to become informed, and therefore do not understand the ramifications of this election. Do NOT count on the (I) to do the right thing. Case in point: Hope and Change.
    How many pedestrian voters will bother voting at all? –Hence the white knuckles.

    the botnet was cautiously optimistic upon seeing Brown polling beyond the margin of error, but there are inconsistent methods between said polls, not to mention the propensity of the Machine to win when results are close.

    This being said, the botnet wishes the opportunity for a happydance, but the ballet shoes are not yet laced up.

    In closing, you write great stuff, A.J., and the botnet hopes you are right on this one.

    Best regards,
    the botnet