Jan 16 2010

An Inept Coakley Is Not The Cause, Just Contributing Factor

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I seriously wonder about the mental stability of some of the political geniuses now running politics in this country. The Political Industrial Complex is the control-freak industry which runs politicians, and includes the news media, the consultants and campaign aids, the staff and lobbyists. And of course the front people – the politicians themselves. The PIC encompasses the thousands of people who make a living off of politics.

And they just don’t sound very coherent these days. Take for example the idea Martha Coakley’s probable loss in Massachusetts special election next Tuesday to fill Ted Kennedy’ senate seat is due to her incompetence. This is just laughable (and a sign of denial so deep as to warrant medical intervention).

This is a special election in the middle of January in deep blue Massachusetts. No one could lose this race on being boring or making dumb comments. Any other year no one would care! Of COURSE this election has to do with the abysmal economy, the horrific mountains of debt and the threat to our personal health insurance.

What else could get Independents on the side of the GOP and ready to come out and vote in droves? Does any still sane person think the fact Cloakley did not campaign over Christmas so irritated the people of Massachusetts they decided to come out en masse and vote for an unknown GOP candidate? Pulllease.

Coakley’s incompetence allowed her to lulled into a false sense of confidence. But every liberal democrat I know is living in the same echo chamber of denial. Coakley was just the liberal canary in the coal mine who is about ready to keel over as fair warning the Democrats are heading for oblivion.

But it was not her fault she was the first to face the voters after nearly a year of liberal false promises, insults and gross incompetence. And apparently the same fate is in store for those unwilling to wake up to the real mood of the country, for those who will bolster their self denial on the meme Cloakley’s lack of commercials enraged the electorate to this point.

Update: Some Democrats understand what Tuesday means – and it is nothing short of completely crippling the partisan approach the President and liberals in Congress embarked on – in complete violation of their promises to the voters who put them in power.

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One Response to “An Inept Coakley Is Not The Cause, Just Contributing Factor”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    Related and a very good read on this voter rejection of the Dems.

    The Dems have fallen into believing their own press clippings. The have taken a position that the country is much farther left than it really is and the backlash is not going to be minor.

    Should Brown win, which looks more likely everyday, this could stop the agenda in it’s tracks and in any event shows that there will be hell to pay in other states of all colors.

    Obama won the election on the simply chance to be an historic first but the epic fail of his old campaign machine under OFA at every turn shows that his support was a mile wide and a millimeter deep.