Jan 15 2010

Like A Moth To The Flame

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This is a politically naive move:

President Barack Obama will campaign for Massachusetts Senate candidate Martha Coakley on Sunday, POLITICO has learned, a sign that Democrats believe the seat remains winnable enough that it’s worth risking the president’s prestige.

Apparently our young president cannot help but try and prove he still has some magical political clout. He thinks he is going to waltz into the state and wave is magical TelePrompTer and undo months of mistakes?

I feel like I am watching one of those poker shows were you know the person who checked has a royal flush and the guy with 2 pair (The President) just went all in. I know his signature obsession (health care) is on the line, but it is now too late to run to Massachusetts and save it. This rising opposition in the populace been building for 10 months.

I doubt this helps Coakley because more people who are fed up with DC but who may have been in her camp are now going to bail just on the audacity of it all.

Addendum: Imagine the uproar if President Bush went to campaign in TX for a troubled GOP senator while their was a humanitarian emergency going on in Haiti?

People do notice these things.

Update: Baghdad Gibbs (or is it White House Bob) is at The Podium Of Terminal Denial again:

“We’re not on the ballot. There’s a campaign in Massachusetts going on. We’re happy to lend our support,” said press secretary Robert Gibbs. “I think the president believes he can be helpful and is happy to accept the invitation.”

Who is buying this stuff? Yeah, it has nothing to do with Obamacare or Obamanomics. And I am sure the President is giddy with ‘happy’ to be racing to a deep blue state to save a deep blue democrat senate seat.

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, did you enjoy the play?

Addendum: I think I know why Obama is really heading to MA. I bet you the centrist dems said they were not going to continue to debate the health care bill until the election was over. And if Coakley lost the bill was dead. That would get President “Happy” moving.

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  1. Neo says:

    Yet another Copenhagen moment

  2. ivehadit says:

    I can’t wait!

    AJ, you will like this post at hillbuzz.org. It’s terrific

    snip/”This post at hillbuzz.org is RIGHT ON!
    “The greatest weapon Democrats have — and we keep telling you people this in hopes some day you will finally listen — is that Republicans love finding any excuse they can to sit their fat, lazy butts at home on election day. “He’s not Republican enough”, “He’s not a real conservative”,…snip/ Are we really exaggerating with any of these? It’s what Republicans do, because in addition to the concern trolls (people who go online specifically to demoralize Republicans from voting) and the Eeyores (Republicans who unwittingly demoralize other Republicans by consistently posting negative, pessimistic remarks online or in emails to friends), we believe there’s a third set of operatives out there, probably on the DNC payroll somehow, called “purists” who demoralize Republicans and inhibit election day turnout by claiming everyone is “not Republican enough” or “not good enough to vote for”.”


  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    By Sunday there could be a whole lot of nasty news coming out of Haiti and that would not look good to have him up there when such news breaks.

    Why he wants to risk so much in a race that could still go down the tubes and add a lack of luster to his magic touch really is hard to defend.

    After all we have all been told the congress will cram through the health care bill before whoever wins this election is seated.

    This can only mean that the November impact of a loss here is what they really fear even more than this individual race.

  4. […] at Strata-Sphere also writing, outsiders for both camps are heading into the state, and Jim Geraghty […]

  5. browngreengold says:

    Apparently he learned nothing from Copenhagen (either time)….nor did he learn anything from VA and NJ….

    This one is gonna leave a mark.

  6. SallyVee says:

    Jacobson just tweeted:

    Will MC pay people overtime 2go2 BHO rally Sunday?



  7. AJStrata says:


    Yeah, his 2008 image is just about erased now.

  8. KauaiBoy says:

    Will he be riding a horse and shouting “The Republicans are Coming!!!”.

  9. SallyVee says:

    Great new radio add for Brown!

    “The Democrats of today are not the Democrats I grew up with.”


  10. kathie says:

    Obama talks as if our military is fully landed in Haiti, 72 hours and counting, yes some are there, maybe 700, but food, water, and other life sustaining needs are not being distributed yet, 100’s of thousands are left to their own devises. It seems that the rich in gated communities get help, the poor in the city are left to their own devises. Doing relief is hard, maybe Obama realizes how hard now.

    New tax on Wall Street Bankers, brought down the market some 100 points today. Even a third grader understands fairness. Fannie and Freddy did more to bring down the economy and they pay zero taxes, and are taking $6 million in bonuses. It seems that the housing market brought down the car companies…….oh really, I think they were lousy before the house bubble.

    The Health Care bill is a bit like the stimulus, can’t do what it was billed to do and costs a cool trillion and counting.

    So why is Obama going to Massachusetts?

    Obama, can you hear us now?

  11. ivehadit says:

    And o pulled for Florida against Alabama this year…he doesn’t have a good track record, LOL!

    Did you all see this video of Scott’s daugher singing the SSB with the Boston Pops? FANtasTIC.

    Go Scott!

  12. kathie says:

    Oh no, the Navy is choppering in supplies from Gitmo to Haiti. Gee I knew Gitmo was good for something.

  13. ivehadit says:

    Did you all see this?!!!!!!
    From the Boston Herald quoting Bill today:
    ““I came here to tell the people of Massachusetts this: This country’s revolution was born in Massachusetts. The Revolutionary War was first won here. The war was over here years before it was finally finished. It started with the Boston Tea Party, and the right wing Republicans have appropriated that on the premise the tea party was against government.”

    Clinton added, “What they were against was abuse of power.””

    Exactly what Scott says, bill! This administration’s abuse of power is astounding! And the Tea Party movement stands against it!

    the clintons HATE the kennedy’s, donncha know!!!

  14. kathie says:

    Does Bill not like Obama as well? What exactly is he saying? Support the revolution, Health Care is about abusing power?

  15. Cassiep says:

    AJ, a great big kiss for your work on Maj. Hassan and Climategate.

    Now, as to Haiti, I think we need to watch what’s going on with the ex-Catholic-priest-turned-voodo-follower and liberation theologist Aristede. Is he coming back to create more mayhem, under the approval of the US gubmint?

  16. WWS says:

    “Is he coming back to create more mayhem…?”

    That may not even be possible at this point. I have no idea why any thug would want to go back – there’s nothing left to steal. Sure, better to rule in hell than serve in heaven, but better still to drink mint juleps on the veranda in a comfortable exile than to try and rule in hell.

    Maybe he thinks he can skim off some of the relief money, other than that I have no idea what angle he’s working. That’s the most pathetic pile of misery on the planet, and it’s probably going to get a lot worse before there is any chance of it getting better. I don’t see any possible way to stave off a typhus epidemic in the coming weeks – the logistics just aren’t there to prevent it, no matter how much good work our military does.

  17. kathie says:

    As of Friday night, still no aid to the people in the capital of Haiti. What is going on?

  18. ivehadit says:

    With Bill,you have to read between the lines.He knows exactly what he’s doing/saying…and as far as I am concerned he was sending a message: The Tea Party has it right!

  19. Redteam says:

    “The greatest weapon Democrats have — and we keep telling you people this in hopes some day you will finally listen — is that Republicans love finding any excuse they can to….yada…yada….”

    But I’ve seen zero of this in Mass.

    anyhow there’ll be more dead Dims vote than Repubs non-vote.

  20. kathie says:

    I now know why there are tons of provisions for the Haitian people at the airport, all stacked up, but not delivered. The UN is incharge and hasn’t decided on delivery points, so they sit there until tomorrow. People have gone 4 days with no food or water and they sit there waiting on the UN to decide. Oh my gosh!

    CNN was filming Sange Gupta taking care of 25 patience who were very sick or who had been operated on, he was with 20 UN doctors, all of the sudden they were called to leave for security reasons and they left. No gun fire or apparent trouble…..they up and left children with drips and all.

    So what can the UN do in a crisis? Talk? It is just so pathetic. No wonder Bush went around the UN trying to help the typhoon survivors.