Jan 22 2006

All Coffey, All The Time

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Mark Coffey is on a tear with one fantastic post after another. So this is the All Coffey post for those who do not read Mark’s posts very much.

First up is a post on how the vulgar left shutdown discussions at the Washington Post:

And it is indeed unbounded, unreasoning rage that is at the very core of the Angry Left: a rage born of frustration at a world that doesn’t recognize the genious of the tortured worldview of the impotent purveyors of filthy discourse and lowest-common-denominator ‘arguments’ that amount to nothing more than the wretched gurgling of a drowning man determined to take the rest of the world down with him…

Next is this post on how more leftwing nonsense:

When the neocons say that Liberals or moderate Republicans are against America and for the terrorists, they could not have it more backwards. The extreme religious rightwing of the GOP is the closest thing to Islamo-fascism we have in our country, and no one is worried that Al Qaeda will be storming ashore on our beaches en masse, invasion style, anytime soon.

Mark is a very non partisan guy. His shock illustrates how far beyond the pale the left has gone. MArk then highlights the depth of leftwing hysterics in capturing this leftwing nut’s idea that Bush and Bin Laden are actually allies:

…[I]f you look at all the facts, it appears that Bush and Bin Laden help each other much more than they hurt each other. The question is, is this accidental, or on purpose?…I’m not a paranoid person, but I’m beginning to think we really all have to at least talk about this as if some kind of collaboration between Bush and bin Laden is at least a possibility.

Yeah, this person is not paranoid at all.

The latest post is a great find regarding the comments of one of Joe Leiberman’s staffers about the gap between the mad base of the democrats and the voters:

Judging from the dreadful tack our party took in the Alito process, it’s clear that we haven’t yet internalized these political realities–most likely because our anger at George Bush continues to blind us to them. Many Democrats just don’t want to acknowledge that he’s president and is going to pick conservative justices–let alone that the two we got, John Roberts and Samuel Alito, are about as good as we could hope for.

This episode shows we don’t have any leader in power who will tell our base that we’re not going to become a majority party again by telling the majority they’re out of the mainstream.

Where does Mark find all these wonderful stories?

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