Jan 16 2006

How Dare The ACLU Disparage MLK!

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The ACLU has compared Martin Luther King, one of the bravest and most admired Americans, to the Taliban, Al Qaeda and terrorists in general. In a full page ad they compared the illegal surveillance of MLK by partisan politicains to the surveillance of known or highly suspected terrorists overseas

The ad invokes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights pioneer who was an innocent victim of illegal government wiretapping and draws the correlation between abuse of government power and illegal warrantless wiretapping authorized by President Bush.

I understand the ACLU is rabidly anti-Bush and suffering from severe BDS, but we cannot allow them to associate Martin Luther King with some Osama Bin Laden. The good reverend abhored violence as a means to political ends. And Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are the moral opposite of what King stood for.

This smearing of this good man’s name must end!


Stop The ACLU has a proper tribute to MLK

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7 Responses to “How Dare The ACLU Disparage MLK!”

  1. granitroc says:

    Tell me it ain’t so!

  2. ACLU Compares Martin Luther King Jr. Terrorist Suspects

    Big Hat Tip To: AJ Strata
    The ACLU, in a full page ad are comparing the illegal surviellance of MLK to the surveillance of known or highly suspected terrorists overseas. Notice how they automatically cast guilt on President Bush, and innocence on th…

  3. MerryJ1 says:

    Gee, if the ACLU wanted to revisit history to “compare” government intrusion by different administrations, it seems somehow incomplete to not include some of the particulars.

    For instance, the wiretapping (as opposed to roaming intercepts) of Martin Luther King, Jr. was directly under the jurisdiction of … who? I can’t hear you, WHO? Oh, yeah, right, that was Attorney General Robert Kennedy, right?

  4. clarice says:

    Look who’s part of the suit to stop the NSA program> http://americanthinker.com/comments.php?comments_id=4219

  5. Snapple says:

    Right Clarice.

    We have a real 5th column here who camoflage themselves as “dissidents” and “civil rights” advocates.

    That way, if they get in trouble, they can try to embarrass the government by making it seem like they are really being arrested for their views instead of for helping the terrorists have a free hand.

  6. m1j says:

    I guess I kind of see the ad in opposite. Rather than degrading MLK it seems to be elevating Al Qaeda and other terrorists to some level of legitment rights movement. I am sorry but no one has the right to kill me.

    The loony libs again. They want explicit knowledge of how many guns I have and what they are but in the same breath scream about the government looking to see what guns and what kind Al Qaeda has.