Jan 16 2006

Iran Heading Towards Crisis

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Iran is heading towards full confrontation with the World.

The Foreign Office said all five veto-wielding permanent members of the Security Council _ the U.S., Britain, France, Russia and China _ and Germany had shown “serious concern over Iranian moves to restart uranium enrichment activities.”

They agreed on the need for Iran to “return to full suspension,” according to a statement.

But Iran won’t comply.

The Mad Mullahs can never be allowed atomic weapons. They would simply love to destroy the entire world to gain their place in heaven and finally prove Islam’s preeminance. To them, destroying us and them is just fine. They are truly mad.

We survived the Cold War because the Eastern Bloc would not self destruct for their cause. In the madness of fundamentalist Islam, to die for the cause IS the ulitimate goal. The leaders of Iran are nothing more than a collection of Jim Jones executing their mass suicide pact.

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  1. Highway to Hell

    Iran’s mad mullahs and their rabid mouthpiece Ahmadinejad are definitely seeking to grease the skids and make sure that we’re on the highway to hell.

  2. clarice says:

    AP:AP – 2 hours, 13 minutes ago
    LONDON – Russia and China agreed with the United States and its European allies Monday that Iran must fully suspend its nuclear program, but the countries stopped short of demanding referral to the U.N. Security Council, Britain’s Foreign Office said. In a conciliatory statement, Iran’s ambassador to Moscow praised a Russian proposal to move the Iranian uranium enrichment program to its territory — a step that could resolve the deadlock over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

  3. Larwyn says:

    Iran has thrown CNN out for a mistake in the interpreting the
    President’s speech.

    Is this not proof that they are crazy.

    They must have missed the Eason Jordan and Iraq tale.

    And WOW even Mrs. Jamie Rubin is out of luck until she
    dons a full burka.

    Will they endorse FNC next?

  4. Snapple says:

    I read that the President of Iran thinks that the Madhi is coming soon. This is an apocalyptic belief.

    The experts are worried that this guy may be trying to provoke us because it is part of his religion.

    Personally, I think he may just be trying to rally people to some “external enemy” to keep his position.

    Hard to know.

  5. foil says:

    I was struck recently by the recent news about Iran’s mullahs led by Iran’s president Ahmadinejad or vice versa — who knows who is pulling the strings on this–to hold a conference regarding the “scientific evidence regarding the Holocaust”. The implication of the Iranian president and his Muslim hardliners is that somehow the world simply glossed over the hard evidence of millions of people being gassed and machine gunned to death and in places such as Dakow, Trebinka and other Nazi death camps all over Western and Eastern Europe. I have heard political groups on the left accuse president Bush of being equal to Hitler, but here is the real reincarnation of Hitler’s character, (president Ahmadinejad), and you hear no outrage by anyone on this. For all those thousands of American and European WWII veterans and resistance fighters who fought and died to keep Hitler from getting one of the deadliest technologies to the planet, the world must once again gain its courage and rise up again to prevent this mad regime from destroying the world.