Nov 25 2009

Actual Data In CRU Data Dump

Like many I am spending way too much time wandering through the CRU data dump. But I did run across a zip file containing lots of real data and other interesting things from I assume Michael Mann.  Is is the file ““.  Some of the ‘notes’ on figures are very intriguing and something I expect Steve McIntyre to sink his teeth into. Just an FYI out to the folks digging into the Climategate data

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7 Responses to “Actual Data In CRU Data Dump”

  1. kathie says:

    An interesting aside. I take our dog to a dog park every day, a interesting young guy there, maybe 32 or so, works for NCAR as well as he is a teacher at CU. He is working on 4 models to prove global warming with a group of others. He said that the leaked e-mails were out of context, leaked by someone paid by big oil as most scientist are that have an opposing view. That global warming is happening faster then we can imagine, China will kill us all off, and it is totally provable. If we spent as much money on this problem as we give to big oil, we could solve it in years. And finally he said that we have all the technology we need to turn this around, hydro for cars, something else for ships, nuclear of course, and he named the rest.

    I think that scientist that have an opposing view need to stand up big time and state loud and clear why global warming is a hoax. The warmers are not going to let this go.

  2. kathie says:

    One other point. I said that humans are slow to change course, especially when it could cause the destruction of our present economy for an unknown future, and that a Democratic Republic was especially unwieldy. Perhaps a socialistic form of government was better suited. He thought that global warming was so dire that socialism was our best answer.

    The reality and consequences of applying an idea is of no matter to these thinkers.

  3. Fai Mao says:

    I was expecting something like the reply above.

    The other line on reasoning will be:
    “There is a huge problem with pollution and even if this was not true we needed to use it to raise awareness. Our motives were good and at least we don’t want to destroy the Earth.” The left must not be allowed to climb upon their moral hobby horse on this. Good intentions do not absolve them of crimes. Don’t let them get away with the line about being more environmentally conscious and therefore a better person. Laugh at them when they say it. Liberals cannot stand to not be taken seriously. Then tell them they are a narrow minded idiot.

    BTW I would ask the guy in the park several questions:
    1. “How do you know that those who oppose AGW are all in the pay of big oil? Have you talked to them or is that simply something you want to believe because it validates your personal agenda?”
    2. “Even if they are in the pay of big oil, why does that make them less reliable than scientist in the pay of big government?”
    3. “Are these the same scientist that invented the 200 mpg carburetors and were paid to keep quiet by big oil?”
    4. “Are these the same scientist paid off to keep quiet about the alien technology recovered from crashed flying saucers because the energy source used would eliminate the need for oil?”
    5. “Have you ever had a job?”

  4. kathie says:

    I did ask how is the oil scientist different then the guy who gets grants to do work year after year for a life time that’s a lie, or Algore. He claimed that the scientist paid by big oil got richer. I pointed out that in some cases their work got embargoed and some got fired.

    The guy hails from Connecticut, East Coast educated, then to Colorado to teach and get a Ph.D. He is paid by NCAR and the University.

    Look, these guys have all the answers that confirm their moral authority and the rightness of finding a cause that the whole world can buy into. It is really heady stuff.

  5. Redteam says:

    Kathie, sounds like you met a real life nut case.

  6. Rick C says:

    I don’t think Kathie’s guy is a nut case. He is just indoctrinated. Sometimes it is very useful to know something is not true. However, usually showing something is not true is not grist for PhD’s or job promotion.

    Think about it. If you were working on 4 global warming models while teaching global warming, it would take quite a lot to turn you against the whole idea of AGW. Your whole self concept turns on the the truth of AWG. Chalk it up to the fraternity of “true believers”.