Nov 19 2009

Who Diverted The Hasan Investigation Into Suspension?

I have been writing extensively on the curious coincidence that after the Obama administration came into office it was not long before the ongoing investigation in Major Hasan was prematurely ended (see all my previous posts here). Each day new information comes to light deepening my suspicions that the liberally ideologically driven AG Holder and President Obama recklessly shut down investigation into US citizens initiated through leads detected by the NSA and now authorized under the FISA changes President Bush implemented (and Holder and Obama opposed).

As the number of clear and disturbing dots keep becoming apparent in the reporting on this story, one has to wonder how our seasoned and dedicated investigators could have missed the warning signs. Warning signs that were even embedded in Hasan’s emails to a radical, pro-Jihad, anti-American cleric in Yemen that tipped US authorities off in the first place and activated not one but two Joint Terrorism Task Forces:

United States Army Major Nidal Hasan told a radical cleric considered by authorities to be an al Qaeda recruiter, “I can’t wait to join you” in the afterlife, according to an American official with top secret access to 18 e-mails exchanged between Hasan and the cleric, Anwar Awlaki, over a six month period between December, 2008 and June, 2009.”

Federal investigators have found that Hasan donated $20,000 to $30,000 a year to overseas Islamic “charities.” As an Army major, his yearly salary, including housing and food allowances, was approximately $92,000. A number of Islamic charities have been identified by U.S. authorities as conduits to terror groups.

Two FBI task forces, in Washington and San Diego, received the intercepted messages, but deemed them innocent.

Emphasis mine. Please read the entire ABC News story for how Hasan worded his desire to meet his spiritual mentor in the after life.  Previous reporting has shown the initial Task Force (now known to be in San Diego) detected Hasan in December 2008. Sometime afterword the investigation was moved to the DC Task Force, where things then went horribly wrong. The emails continued until Hasan was promoted and shipped to Ft Hood for processing to Afghanistan.

Somehow the DC task force failed to find any more dots, like the fact Hasan’s superior at Walter Reed was very concerned he annotated Hasan’s permanent record with his concerns. A record supposedly reviewed, along with the emails, by the DC Task Force. Nor did the DC task force learn that Hasan was pledging allegiance to the Koran while in uniform as late as 2007. Have are security forces become this inept in the 9 months President Obama has been in office?

Well according to this one-time-insider’s post we finally have some indication that the Hasan investigation was directed down a path that was unique and guaranteed to fail:

But the FBI decided to pass the baton to another agency.

That’s why the FBI didn’t make the final call on investigating Major Hasan. That decision was “out-sourced” to the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS), a branch of the Defense Department Inspector General’s office. While counter-terrorism is one of the missions of the DCIS, the agency spends most of its time dealing with contractor fraud and illegal transfers of defense technology.

Lawyers might argue about jurisdictional issues (afterall, Hasan was a military officer), but if the FBI was so inclined, it could have retained authority over the case, or passed it to the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command (CIC). Like its counterparts in the Navy and Air Force, the CIC is charged with handling counter-terrorism cases within the ranks. But, the service says it was never contacted by the FBI regarding suspicions about Hasan, and the CIC never investigated his activities. Instead, a disinterested bureaucrat at the DCIS took a cursory look, and decided to close the case.

Again, emphasis mine. So why did this high profile threat get shunted to the wrong arm of the Army? These ‘professionals’ all know which office in each part of the government is geared up to do the job right. This is not an accidental mistake in giving the job to the wrong part of the Army. This seems to be an action taken to ensure the investigation would be shut down.

Whoever made that decision in the FBI or DoJ needs to be in front of Congress right now.

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  3. aerawls says:

    AJ: There was another high profile issue–I’m trying to remember what it was–where Obama empowered an agency that normally was concerned with enforcing internal bureaucratic rules and gave them a genreral policy responsibility as a way to get around careerists who would not go along with Obama’s perversion of normal policy principles. Could be related.

    DOJ? DOD? Do you remember? I’ll pense on it.

    Another related item I posted on a few weeks ago:

    CIA disinterest in Hasan’s al Qaeda contacts coincides with Obama’s order to stop investigating Black Muslims

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