Nov 18 2009

Holder Testifying To Senate @ 1000 AM Eastern

If something interesting pops up, will post it.

10:10 AM Eastern – Leahy asks which resources are being utilized to investigate Ft Hood. Holder focused on military criminal trial, Leahy pressed him to focus on the missteps prior to the tragedy. Holder says the president has ordered such an investigation, hedges on impacting the criminal prosecution. Chairman Leahy did not sound very impressed.

10:20 AM Eastern – Senator Sessions is asking why the American people are wrong to challenge a political policy decision regarding the civil 9-11 trials. Holder is not going to win this one. He can go ahead, but it will cost Obama massive political capitol. Interesting debate, but not something I will be taking time to post on.

10:30 AM Eastern Sen Kohl pokes holder on Ft Hood and the FBI determining Hasan was not a risk. Kohl asked what changes are being made now to protect our soldiers now. Holder: we need to understand what happened, but only then can we prevent another tragedy. Holder just lost it trying to say how disturbed he was with Hasan’s contacts (seems to almost have stumbled). Claimed they had two weeks to determine what happened.

Holder made the idiotic statement they will not fail to win guilty charges in court – which is dumb for any prosecutor to say.

10:41 AM Eastern – Sen Feinstein – supports bringing terrorists to America, give them constitutional rights, put NY back through the nightmare of 9-11, all because military commissions are difficult. 9-11 was an act of War AND a crime – Lame.

10:55 AM Eastern – sorry folks, work beckons, have to stop listening to CSPAN

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  1. Redteam says:

    The whole thing is a scam, as everything Obama is associated with is. He has no intention of turning KSM loose, so he is either planning to have him framed, railroaded or whatever because if he is turned loose, as he most likely will be in a fair trial, he will not be allowed to go free. So the whole thing is for SHOW.