Nov 17 2009

Was Hasan Promoted And Ordered To Afghanistan As Bait?

There are a number of disturbing yet reasonable scenarios that can be drawn from the Ft Hood Massacre by traitor and terrorist Major Hasan. My speculation has been centered around the political correctness dripping from the Obama administration and AG Eric Holder (see here for all my posts to date).

But that is not the only scenario I have been contemplating, just the one I think is the most probable. The other top candidate is a variant on the theme someone in this administration shut down the investigation for reasons not yet explained, which resulted in the murder of 13 Americans and an unborn child.

The aspects of this disaster which have bugged me for some time was why Hasan was promoted and shipped to Afghanistan only weeks after the investigation shut down. The timing of this is as disturbingly coincidental as the fact the investigation shut down about the time Obama’s Department of Justice would have to renew it.

Today another intriguing theory has been postulated, which is in line with some of the other scenarios I have been quietly contemplating:

Ugly hints to the real answers are emerging. We now know that Hasan at some point was being tracked by the Defense Intelligence Agency, CIA, FBI, National Security Agency and Army Intelligence. Routine investigations because of heritage, religion or odd behavior do not justify this kind of intelligence coverage. This surveillance is what the intelligence services do to support a full, on-going intelligence operation.

Were Hasan and his contacts seen as a way into Al Qaeda? If the answer is yes, was Hasan selected as unwitting bait to be dangled in front of potential Al Qaeda operatives? Was the operation thought more important than doubts about Hasan’s stability and loyalty? Was this troubled man so tempting a door into Al Qaeda that Army Intelligence or an affiliated service decided to walk through it? The worst answer is that, like 9/11, once again innocent Americans died because intelligence agencies believed that their operations were more important than American lives.

My personal variation on this theme again leads back to AG Holder and his bizarre decisions regarding terrorists and the protection of Americans from wiretapping and investigation based on NSA intelligence leads.

What if the answer for AG Holder and the Obama administration was to get Hasan out of country so there would be (a) no conflict with their liberal ideology about investigating Americans here at home and (b) as a risky attempt to put some bait out there for al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan to take?

This theory seems too crazy for me at the moment, but I must admit I have wondered how much of this was ideologically driven ineptitude, complacency driven ineptitude or plain old arrogant ineptitude (which is how I would categorize this latest theory). Hopefully we will learn soon.

In another bit of news regarding Jihad terrorism by Americans Rusty Shackleford over at Jawa Report notes the deafening silence of reporting on another incident that should be in the news.

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4 Responses to “Was Hasan Promoted And Ordered To Afghanistan As Bait?”

  1. kathie says:

    It is crazy to think they were using Hasan. Could be a possibility, but then someone must have been tracking him, what were the trackers thinking when he bought the 2 guns?

  2. Neo says:

    Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s military superiors repeatedly ignored or rebuffed his efforts to open criminal prosecutions of soldiers he claimed had confessed to “war crimes” during psychiatric counseling, according to investigative reports circulated among federal law enforcement officials.

    That idea of opening “war crimes” investigations against US soldiers based on information from the “psychiatric counseling” would be a real boon to PTSD. In fact, it wold institutionalize it by destroying any semblance of “doctor-patient confidentiality.”
    If the military had acted, they might have started by discharging Hasan, since no soldier in his right (or nearly right) mind would seek counseling from a military psychiatrist who could possibly turn into prosecution witness. This does though transform the ridiculous “second-hand PTSD” argument into a “crisis of conscience” argument for the Hasan defenders, but this is supposed to be handled by the professional training of a psychiatrist. Every psychiatrist knows that often their patients believe that they did something that an examination of the facts shows was not the case. They may have had part of the truth, but filled in the rest of the “facts” from thie imagination. Hasan obviously took the rantings of his patients too personally.
    No matter what happens now, Hasan is unfit to be a psychiatrist.

  3. Frogg1 says:

    That’s an insightful post and does raise some questions. I actually find it more feasable than the insinuation that an investigation was closed down and dots weren’t connected. However, if he was being watched and used as bait, it seems that someone let the ball drop by not watching more closely while he was still here. That may, at the end of the day, be the sad truth.

  4. BarbaraS says:

    That supposition is really crazy. He was being investigated by all these intelligence and law enforcement agencies and they all agreed to drop the investigation? I realize justice did not renew the warrant but none of these agencies protested? I find that hard to believe. What I have heard over and over again is that these agencies will not agree on anything and all want to be top dog. This investigation was stopped at higher levels than this. All these agencies were told to cease and desist this investigation. There is no other explanation. The army’s answer to this cessation was to ship this guy out of Washington and send him overseas. Everyone at Walter Reed could see this guy was about to pop and they wanted to get rid of him. That is the way government works: if you can’t get rid of a problem one way then do it another way but get rid of him they will. And another thing, Hasan is a psychiatrist, for heaven sake, he would not be on the front lines. There was no one watching him. If there had been , why havn’t they come forward and said so. If someone was watching him they would have seen him buying the guns. That article is a romantised version of a fantasy and a prime example of someone trying to get off the hook.