Oct 20 2009

Liberal Morality (Oxymoron)

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Today’s Must Read:

What facet of the extremists (left or right) is their holier than though arrogance. They walk among us mere mortals dispensing their cosmic wisdom. They are insufferable know-it-alls who typically really know very little.

Mona Charen notes how President Obama has taken this political hackery to a new high, and a new low:

It has always been a particular vanity of the left to believe itself morally superior to others. But the claims for this presidency have been beyond extravagant. Global human rights, morality, and justice took a “great leap forward” (as Anita Dunn’s favorite political philosopher might say) on Jan. 20. But in the space of just nine months, the Obama administration has betrayed the cause of human rights around the globe.

When its all about their success, political leaders have no time for the needs of the common folks. Never have, never will. It’s all about them you see.

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  2. WWS says:

    Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Robespierre, Pol Pot – every great monster in our history has justified his actions with the claim that it was all being done in the name of a Greater New Morality.

    And that morality is always the same – anything *I* want to do is good and moral, and anyone who opposes what I want to do is Evil.

    And of course Evil must be destroyed.

    Currently Fox News is “Evil”!!!

    Who’s next? Blogs like this one?