Dec 16 2005

Moonbats On Iraq

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This is why the liberal/progressive left will never, ever be a political force in the United States again. Great job Mark!

This is just theater. All completely meaningless, and woe
to the suckers who buy into this BS.

These elections are nothing more than a prop for the bush thugs. No election
that was initiated, designed, engineered, and carried out by a foreign
occupation power has any legitimacy, here or elsewhere. None. Period.

Too funy! That brightened my day!

I might try my own hand at these fish-in-the-barrel later today.

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  1. mary mapes says:

    Oh dear…did the democrats lose another election?

    Good. They are losers and I have personally have reached my limit in being nice or restrained …they are unpatriotic US hating traitor hypocrites afforded the freedom to wear hate filled t-shirt, call MY president Hitler, trot around with there slave labor made ipods, post hate on the internet when they are bored, wear their leather shoes while they put peta stickers on the SUV’s they own, but call me “terrorist supporter” if I do.