Sep 17 2009

Enron vs ACORN, Who’s The Worst?

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OK readers, I have a question for you to ponder. Who has the most federal indictments and felony convictions: Enron or ACORN. The best answer (with links) will be updated to this post. Clearly, this will be an ongoing race to the bottom since the ACORN scandal is still breaking, one of interest for the 2010 elections.

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25 Responses to “Enron vs ACORN, Who’s The Worst?”

  1. owl says:

    Don’t know the numbers of indictments/convictions but I know which of the two should win this contest. Both steal money but ACORN wants it to redistribute (as long as they #1 on list) plus your freedom.

  2. crosspatch says:

    And what is amazing is that Enron was BUSTED by the Bush administration. Enron became corrupt during the Clinton Administration, it was Bush’s SEC that busted them. Same with WorldCom, Tycho, and Global Crossing. All busted in 2002. All having built their cultures of corruption under the Clinton administration.

  3. Frogg1 says:

    This is strange:

    Home-care providers object to union label-
    Challenge dues deducted without consent


    LANSING, Mich. | Sherry Loar and Dawn Ives take care of children out of their Petoskey homes so they were surprised to learn that their state-subsidized checks, which cover day care for some low-income families, now have union dues withheld.

    On Wednesday, the free-market Mackinac Center Legal Foundation, a public-interest law firm at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, filed suit in the Michigan Court of Appeals, claiming the state’s Department of Human Services illegally took money from day care providers under a “scheme” to force them into a government employees union.

    That new union, Child Care Providers Together Michigan (CCPTM), covers an estimated 40,000 home care providers who look after children whose parents receive state child care assistance funds. By the end of 2009, the union stands to receive about $3.7 million in dues, said Patrick J. Wright, director of the new legal foundation, at a press conference held at the Hall of Justice in Lansing.

    He said the home-based day care operators are independent contractors who are being turned into government workers, which violates the law.

    This also has it’s roots from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus anyone?):


    The CCPTM is a labor union representing home-based child care
    providers, and affiliated with Michigan Council 25 of the American
    Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), AFL-CIO. Herbert A. Sanders, Director of CCPTM, issued the following statement:

    “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will bring the State of Michigan $58.7 million in Child Care and Development Block Grants. These funds are sufficient to pay Child Care Workers the raises that were negotiated on their behalf,” stated Sanders.,+09:30+AM

    What’s this?

    “The past year has been very busy for AFSCME CCPTM.
    We have been engaged in battles with the State and the Michigan Home Based Child Care Council (MHBCCC) to collect dues, fund our contract, and issue fair redrafts/amendments of
    regulations and legislation as it relates to Child Care Workers. At
    the same time, we have worked diligently in the National
    Democratic Party Presidential Campaign”

    Do all roads lead to Pelosi and the progressive agenda?

    “In 2006, AFSCME members changed America. Come January we will have the first pro-worker Congress in over a decade.

    And we made it happen. When asked to tell why they voted overwhelmingly for change in the November elections, AFSCME members by the hundreds responded. …… but nearly all of the responses conveyed a sense of empowerment – a sense that our members had taken action and succeeded in a first step towards a more worker-friendly Congress.

    To show their appreciation for our work, incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently paid a visit to AFSCME’s Washington, DC headquarters. Pelosi and Reid answered some important questions that AFSCME members submitted online, and they vowed to enact an ambitious legislative agenda that helps working families”

    What does this tangled, trickery web mean???? I don’t know. But, shouldn’t someone be asking??????

    AJ, I saw the first article and thought it strange. I just this moment googled the union and this crap kept coming. I’m too tired to even check out all the links. Maybe you can figure it all out…..and put it into perspective. I see “stimulus” money, a forced union (ccptm) related to state assistance to children, the larger related union (Afscme) freely admitting they work for Democrat party–recieving millions in stimulus money and forced dues on people who never joined a union, and Pelosi/Reid saying something along the lines of “fired up and ready to go” with their aggressive agenda at a union event.


    just call me crazy.

  4. Terrye says:

    I think we will never know what part ACORN played in the meltdown. But it was there I am sure.

    Which was worse? I think ACORN is more corrupting.

  5. The interesting thing with the Breitbart ACORN videos for me, given criminal fraud training I was given at my place of employment, was that all the people shown were neither the “brightest” nor the “sharpest” people from the utensil drawer.

    Yet, all of them followed the same script of issuing tax form 7b in the “No underage illegal alien prostitute brothel left behind act” play book.

    That screams to me of very heavy rote memorization coaching, which makes those actions official ACORN policy and makes ACORN a criminally corrupt organization.

    This has huge implications.

    IMO the Democratic National Committee could be subjected to a RICO civil receivership by the Justice Department, the way the Teamster Union was, given that both were and are so intertwined in a relationship with racketeering enterprises.

    This won’t happen for political reasons even in a Sarah Palin administration with 2/3 GOP majorities in both houses of Congress — any more than Gingrich’s Republican House was willing to impeach Clinton over his campaign finance ties to the Chinese given what Hailey Baurbour (sp?) did as RNC chairmen — but the Democratic Party nationally, and in many states, really is in an overt on-going alliance with organized crime.

    (Note that other labor unions like SEIU and Leftie churches/Non-Government organizations that knowingly cooperate with ACORN criminal acts are a very different story.)

    The problem for the Democratic Party is that ACORN is in the hands of hard core Lefties who will sue Breitbart & Fox News to maintain internal control. It will be very interesting because when ACORN management start dying, the civil discovery process will gut the Democratic party.

    Too many of the Democrats senior elective and appointive office-holders with real power have non-trivial criminal exposure risks due to being co-conspirators with ACORN in a long-standing racketeering enterprise with the object of defrauding the government.

    ACORN has defrauded the federal plus state and local governments for many years with the protection of Democratic office-holders, with whom it has shared its criminal proceeds.

    Res Ipsa Loquitor


    The story is very simple. The CEO’s brother embezzled a million dollars from the organization. The CEO covered it up. Marcel Reid and Karen Inman were elected to investigate the matter and everything related to it. That’s what they did. That was their fiduciary duty. That was their job. There’s nothing heroic about doing your job. They did their job. In fact, they did it too well. As such, ACORN removed them from their board positions. You can draw your own conclusions but as my favorite Latin phrase goes, Res Ipsa Loquitor (the facts speak for themselves)