Sep 09 2009

Horror Stories From Government Rationed Health Care

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As people prepare to listen to our young President tonight attempt to salvage his failing health care initiative, please read up on one of the premier government rationed health care programs in the world – the UK’s NHS. Here are some eye opening stories of hell from the land of ‘public’ health care:

Florence Elizabeth Weston

By her son Mike Weston

From research that I’ve done since these events I understand that if operated on within 48 hours, patients have a much better chance of a full recovery and the opportunity to regain full mobility. However, some 20% of the 70,000 hip fracture victims each year who are over 60, have to wait over two days causing them to be in pain and increasing the likelihood that their future life will be impaired. This lack of prompt action also dramatically increases the patient’s chance of dying.

Despite us being told on a daily basis that she was on the list for surgery for that day, she was constantly removed to make way for other clinical priorities. What these priorities were, that enabled them to take precedence over her, was never explained to our satisfaction. In the end she waited some five days after admittance for her operation.

She was also told that, because of being unable to use the toilet facilities through being immobile, she should wet the bed. This was highly embarrassing for her. Even worse, on one occasion, a night nurse told her off for doing this severely enough to reduce her to tears and cause her to ask me if she could go home. Once she made me aware of this, I made a complaint to the senior nurse on duty, although the patient notes that we have since obtained, did not reflect this. Eventually she was fitted with a catheter.

Unfortunately, the operation did not work, allowing the ball joint of her leg to become separated from her hip, so yet again she was put on the trauma surgery list and awaited further surgery. All of the family were now becoming increasingly concerned by the apparent lack of speed in dealing with the situation. Despite constant questioning of the ward staff, it took a further three days for corrective action to be taken and the decision to move her to an Orthopaedic Hospital some 20 miles away.

Two days after that, a long operation took place during which a full hip replacement was carried out. Sadly, the following day she died of heart failure.

This dehumanizing treatment is what happens when you are a statistic – and not a paying customer. When an organization must earn its customers, when each person has a critical role in creating an caring, professional environment that will attract people, then you never see this kind of crap. This reads more like a DMV than a hospital, where people are checking off boxes and watching the clock for their next break.

This is government rationed health care in the 21st century. This is what Obamacare will mean to far too many people. We don’t need to trade in our current health care for this criminal malfeasance AND be charged more for the torture! The only crisis is DC has run amok in mindless liberal delusions. Keep your hands of my health care!

Don’t touch a thing. I will pay the higher premiums to cover those who prefer ER health care. It will cost me the same as now.

Only radical liberal schemes could make people feel so threatened they demand protection for what they have now. Only liberals could propose such foolishness that our current system looks grand in comparison.

Update: For all our sakes, I hope this is true:

Political momentum appeared to swing sharply against the public health insurance option prized by liberals Tuesday, on the eve of President Barack Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress.

Democratic leaders in the House and Senate on Tuesday signaled they are increasingly willing to pass healthcare reform without a public insurance option, even while Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) again insisted it must be included in a House healthcare bill.

Update: Well, the government rationed health care of the ‘public option’ must be bad if Congress refuses to risk their lives and those of their families on it

Public anger may explain why the White House is now insisting that Congress has not exempted itself from the Public Option, most notably in this new “Reality Check” video on the White House web site featuring former ABC reporter Linda Douglas, who now flaks for Obama as communications director for the White House Office of Health Care Reform.

The problem is, according to The Heritage Foundation’s Robert Moffitt, the White House assertion is “incorrect.”

And in this video Moffit points to an amendment offered by Rep. Dean Heller, R-NV, during a House Ways and Means Committee meeting just before the recess began that would have required Members to be covered by the Public Option plan if they approve it for private citizens.

Predictably, however, the Heller amendment was defeated, with all 21 committee Democrats voting against it.

Too dangerous for Congress to use, but not so for the unclean masses.

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  1. WWS says:

    Okay, I’ve just read an early transcript of “The Speech” – and there is absolutely NOTHING new there.

    It is just the same old pile of platitudes repeated over and over.

    No specifics.

    No plans to pay for it.

    No answers to any of the hard questions.

    Oh, but the time for Debate is OVER!!!


  2. archtop says:

    I’m planning to watch “So You Think You Can Dance?” and “Glee” with my daughter tonight (both on Fox).

    Uh — was there a Presidential something or other on tonight too?