Aug 22 2009

David Axlerod Is An Idiot

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After 8 years of President Bush and the angry conservatives change was happening. The Congress had fallen to the Dems and even the GOP primary had the nation moving away from the right. It wasn’t a question of whether the Democrats had a shot at the Presidency, it was more of who would win.

So when people claim Obama and his team were really good on the campaign trail, I beg do differ. The nation had been at war with Islamo Fascism, had been torn apart emotionally and financially (for a good cause in my opinion), and there was expectedly a desire to move beyond the 9-11 horror.

Enter the inexperienced team Obama and their white-washed Hope & Change. If they deserve a modicum of praise it is for staying out of specifics where they could get sucked into a real debate. If they deserve criticism it is for doing the same thing. They road a wave of backlash against the GOP, but failed to get approval for their radical hidden agenda.

The fact is, if they did things slowly and built up one success after another, they would have been in power for years making the changes they wanted. They had DC enthralled and the country behind them. But the liberals were to worried their facade would fall off and they would be exposed, so they tried to rush it all their wild ideas into law under the pretense that we faced a national emergency:

The Obama theory was simple, though always freighted with risk: Use a season of economic anxiety to enact sweeping changes the public likely wouldn’t stomach in ordinary times. But the abrupt swing in the public’s mood, from optimism about Obama’s possibility to concern he may overreaching, has thrown the White House off its strategy and forced the president to curtail his ambitions.

David Axelrod, Obama’s political architect, said it was “very clear early in the transition” that Obama would have to attack a number of festering issues simultaneously.

“The times demanded it,” he said in an interview. “We didn’t have the luxury of taking things sequentially, year after year, and hoping we got there. That’s the reason that all these major issues had been deferred for decades: Change is hard.”

What a pile of egotistical BS. Axelrod is basically saying we did not have time to get it right, we did not have time to absorb the concepts and see if this is what we wanted. Axelrod is admitting to trying subterfuge on the American people, or trying to sneak unwanted ‘Change’ into America.

As I said during the campaign: McCain wanted to ‘Change’ DC, Obama wanted to ‘Change’ America.

That assumes DC is right and America is screwed up. Of course we all pretty much know it is the other way around.

Axelrod and the rest of Team Obama could have, over time, used their wave of support and their powers of persuasion to basically fool a chunk of the electorate to try out their ideas. But in their panic that they had no idea what they were doing and clearly insecurity about their own abilities, they tried to rush all this crap through in less than one year.

These fools actually never got what happened on 9-11 and the support given President Bush. They actually think all that motivated Bush and Cheney was going full bore right wing using 9-11 as a cover. What morons. Bush went to war and pretty much defeated our enemies. After 9-11 al Qaeda and their ilk were the future of Islam in many dark places in the Middle East. Today they are the enemy of Islam and those dark places are now rays of democratic hope.

Bush never went full bore right wing, which is why the GOP right wing got so toxic in its frustration and divided the conservative coalition that was built by Reagan. Only brain washed liberals, trying to find any excuse for Bush’s victories other than he did things right and got public support, actually tried to mimic their weird conspiracy fantasies about conservatives.

What a bunch of dunces. They had the message and the support, and they blew it. Historically blew it. And they have not even yet begun to pay the price for trying to pull one over on a nation that had given them their trust and hope. Abuse America’s trust and hope, and there will be a huge price to pay.

How’s that for the next election sound bite?

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  1. kathie says:

    Holy Cow AJ, is it possible that Obama and crew really bought into the conspiracy theories of the far left and are governing accordingly? So 911 was just a Bush/Cheney deal to make the rich richer, put their foot on the down trodden, and make people hate all Muslims?

    If it were true, the way Obama is governing makes complete sense.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    I was wondering where that 2 billion dollars allocated for the “Cash for Clunkers” program went when only 2 percent have been reimbursed to the car dealers?

    I think next year’s elections are what’s driving them to do things as fast as they could because next year our congressmen and congresswomen will be focusing a significant amount of time on the campaign trail.

    The GOP party has a great opportunity but they need significant work on their message to the public. They need to make their argument appear advantageous to the American Public. And they are still not doing it correctly.

  3. Toes192 says:

    How’s this for a trivial comment?… I think you need a comma in the first sentence after “conservatives” …
    Up here in Alaska, we have a new Dem Senator… Mark Begich… We are trying to convince him not to be a Dem rubber stamp… one term Senator… He was only elected because of the Ted Stevens conviction…
    Whatever health bill comes out of the Senate and how he acts and votes there will be a litmus test by which we can judge him…
    Alaska is basically Republican but we will vote for the person … he’s a smart guy so we have a shot at it…
    And… yes… I know the three dots I use are not grammatically correct… I just like them as spacers…

  4. dbostan says:

    you are right about the demsheviks but dead wrong about the conservatives (again).
    Not the conservatives are responsible for the divide in the GOP, but Bush himself and the country club repubics.
    He went progressive in his spending and fiscal policies.
    He pushed for amnesty, which the American people do NOT WANT in any way, shape or form.
    He did not sell well his policies and, even worse, he did not respond to the lies laid upon him and his policies by the demsheviks, thus allowing them to define him.
    Unfortunately, the congress and senate did not provide the right check and balances, also and the progressive wing of the GOP, whom I affectionately call repubics are the ones responsible for the GOP situation right now.
    ONLY by a full bore conservative resurgence in the GOP, the party will be able to be successful.
    You are pushing, for one reason or another, a losing strategy for the GOP and the country.

  5. kathie says:

    AJ, you need to read this at FREEREPUBLIC

    The Baucus Caucus: PhRMA, Insurance, Hospitals and Rahm (A must read)

  6. crosspatch says:

    I wonder if we are going to start seeing resignations from his administration soon.

  7. crosspatch says:


    “He pushed for amnesty” THAT is absolutely untrue. That is the one “urban legend” I wish would die a quick death. The Senate compromise bill was not “amnesty” unless you completely change the meaning of amnest. Ronald Reagan implemented real amnesty where we gave millions of illegals a fast-track to citizenship if they had been here longer than 5 years.

    What Bush was supporting was a potential path to citizenship which would take 10 years AFTER the law took effect. In that 10 years you had to maintain a job, not get arrested, learn English and pay a fine. Then if you did all of that you could START the citizenship process.

    Now I have absolutely no problem granting citizenship to someone who has learned english, worked for 10 years without interruption, and never had a problem with the law. In fact, I think we should give ALL immigrants the same “probation” period.

  8. ivehadit says:

    Personally I lay the debacle of leadership we have today at the feet of Tom Tancredo and Dennis Hastert.

  9. ivehadit says:

    I just read the Free Republic article Kathie listed. Doesn’t suprise me one bit. I was wondering how the dems were going to handle the elections next year.

    We need to get this word out.

  10. lurker9876 says:

    I, too, read the Free Republic article that Kathie suggested we read. I’m not surprised either. But the strange thing is that RNC is actually receiving far more contributions than the Dems are.

    This cat and mouse game may be backfiring on the Dems with rallies like today.

    Dennis Hastert turned out to be an ineffective and incompetent leader.

    DeLay was, IMHO, a better leader but not the right person. Neither was Newt. We need a leader with integrity, ethics, and morals.

  11. colin says:


    We had that in Bush. Didn’t seem to matter in the long run for the fortunes of the Republican Party and the broader right.

  12. Terrye says:


    If it were not for certain people on the right who were more interested in attacking their own than they were in going after Democrats or stopping Democrats we would not be where were at.

    Thanks to them we will get honest to God amnesty if Obama has his way. Thanks to them we will get more government, not less.

    You know what? I have listened to these people whine about everything from immigration to the drug prescription program. Well guess what? The problem with illegals entering this country goes way back beyond Bush and somehow or other true conservatives like Newt Gingrich were more than willing to overlook it.

    And conservatives wanted health savings and Medicare Advantage, a public/private program for people on medicare….to get that Bush had to come up with a drug prescription program for seniors. The program they came up with was not far enough left for the Democrats, but they accepted it. It is a discount program, not a giveaway and it does not give government the authority to negotiate with drug companies directly. If not for that program, chances are a lot of those seniors would not have turned out to fight the Democrats on the changes they want today. The Democrats want to make that program completely into a government program. If it were not there, if Bush had not supported it, the Democrats would undoubtedly have bought seniors off with a drug program of their own and Obamacare would be law right now.

    The problem is that a lot of people on the right did not know what a friend they had in Bush and so they worked long and hard alongside the left to damage the man and somehow or other they were shocked to find out they hurt themselves in the process.


  13. Terrye says:

    BTW, Obama wants to get rid of health savings accounts and Medicare Advantage. He also wants to give drivers licenses to illegals and to wave most of the barriers to citizenship that crosspatch talked about above.

  14. Terrye says:

    and colin, the reason Obama is tanking right now is that he lost the Independents, big time. 86% of Democrats still support him. His move to the left and ideologues in his own party are exactly what are hurting him.

    I am not saying that conservatives need to be lefties or anything of the kind, but Americans are getting tired of all the partisan grandstanding. They want solutions and jobs and stability, not more craziness from the other direction. Conservatives need to remember that.

  15. lurker9876 says:


    We had that in Bush. Didn’t seem to matter in the long run for the fortunes of the Republican Party and the broader right.”

    Actually, we had that in the GOP party. And I’m beginning to think that the broader right had been falsely painted to the point that far left had been taught to vehemently hate Christianity in a good sense (not the radical sense).

    Obama…today? Minus 14.

    AJ, you really need to fix the server / router problem. There are times when I time out or just cannot get in.

  16. Terrye says:


    Same here. it gets annoying when you get that message over and over.

  17. crosspatch says:

    Dennis Hastert turned out to be an ineffective and incompetent leader.

    DeLay was, IMHO, a better leader but not the right person. Neither was Newt. We need a leader with integrity, ethics, and morals.

    I agree with just about all of that. Having a little charisma might help, too.

  18. crosspatch says:

    Anyone heard anything from Biden lately? Hasn’t he been uncharacteristically silent recently?

  19. KauaiBoy says:

    Hopefully bobo got the message from Bill this weekend that there are much bigger powers at work in this universe than he and his half wit cronies can control. (maybe off point but we needed a weather segue and I am looking for divine intervention).

    Axelrod is no idiot…quite the contrary, he is a successful political operative who has made a nice bag of loot from his pillaging while keeping the unwashed masses focused on something other than what they are really up to. No… the real idiots are anyone who believed them and voted for them or who still continues to believe them expecting something for nothing. Keep the heat and light on all these miscreants, it is a lot of work because there are so many of them but they must be shone the light of day if we are ever to disinfect our country of all who have corrupted politics (and my extorted tax dollars).