Dec 05 2005

Dean The Quitter

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What we need are leaders who see the potential in all the good that we, as American, are, who see all the good we can do, and who can show us a way to leave the world a better place than we found it.

We found this, we see this as the future, and this is the democrat’s answer:

Democratic Chairman Howard Dean today likened the war in Iraq to Vietnam.

Dean told WOAI radio, quote: “The idea that the United States is going to win the war in Iraq is just plain wrong.”

Why? Because if we won, while it would be good for America, Iraq, the ME and the World – it would hurt the democrats in some elections. That’s why.

More here. Michelle’s round up begins here.


I have to hand it to Tom Maguire for the best come back to Dean anywhere:

Hmm. Leaving Iraq so we can fight Zarqawi, currently based in Iraq. Why not?!

Good point. Why not? We could bomb him from 10,000 feet. Oh yeah, those pesky innocent civilians….


Another Michelle round up here, including a little holiday ditty for Dean by Scrappleface.


Indepundit is right.

THE PRESIDENT has labeled Iraq “the Central Front in the War on Terror.”

Bush is wrong. The Central Front in the War on Terror is now Washington, D.C.

I now consider them to be my enemy. I will do everything legally within my power to see that their agenda is defeated.

I’m calling on all like-minded, loyal Americans to join me in this fight. Our weapons will be every form of mass communication that we can muster: the telephone, the Internet, the postal system, radio, and television. It is time to stand up and be heard.

Count me in.


You have to see the round up at Stop The ACLU, too funny.

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  1. ryanVOX says:

    HoDean: Win is Wrong

    This is the head of the minority party of Congress declaring that he does not support the efforts of our troops standing in harms way, allowing this man to make his idiotic statements.
    Remember this, folks.
    The Democratic Party has just sold out the…

  2. Seixon says:

    Wow. Way to support the troops Howie! “You will never succeed!”
    What a wanker.

  3. Really, Howard is just the gift that keeps on giving. If they’ll just nominate him in 2008 I’ll be willing to re-name a major holiday in his honor.

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