Aug 10 2009

Apparently For Liberal Democrats It Is Un-American To Be American!

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I keep wondering when the DC liberal old dogs will stop demonstrating what a total mess they are, but they seem hell bent on exposing their inner idiot. Now it seems that, in addition to there supposedluy being no healthcare bill to be upset about, the DC Liberals are calling American voters Un-American for the audacity of disagreeing with their grand socialist schemes.

‘Un-American’ attacks can’t derail health care debate


By Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer

I guess that is true in the sense that the 80% of Americans who are happy with their health care can easily defeat liberal democrats at the polling booths in even deep blue districts. That’s the “American” way. I guess it is true that normal citizens going to Town Halls to express their anger with a wayward Congress gone wild will signal many moderate and centrists that it is as bad as they fear and they have allies, and they can defeat these leftwing crazies. That’s the “American” way.

Sending union thugs to harass and intimidate average Americans and try and control the PR message will backfire and double the anger and determination of the opposition. Union thugs – third world way. Resisting their tactics – the “American” way.

I heard a lot of silliness over the weekend perusing the Town Hall videos from across the country. The Democrats came off lame and/or brutish. The most inane comment was [paraphrasing here]: ” if you like your health insurance now nothing will happen to it, but it will get more options”.

It was like claiming the tooth fairy exists and the liberals in DC were it. Even the Congress’ own Congressional Budget Office ain’t drinking this Kool-Aid:

In yet more disappointing news for Democrats pushing for health care reform, Douglas W. Elmendorf, director of the Congressional Budget Office, offered a skeptical view Friday of the cost savings that could result from preventive care — an area that President Obama and congressional Democrats repeatedly had emphasized as a way health care reform would be less expensive in the long term.

Obviously successful preventive care can make Americans healthier and save lives. But, Elmendorf wrote, it may not save money as Democrats had been arguing.

“Although different types of preventive care have different effects on spending, the evidence suggests that for most preventive services, expanded utilization leads to higher, not lower, medical spending overall” Elmendorf wrote.

Right now I have all the options I need for health care choice, because I am self employed I can pick any insurance out there. In fact, if insurance followed the person and not the employer and all the employer did was offset premium costs, we would all have universal choice. And if their were pools for individuals and small businesses like ours we would save a lot on insurance.

When someone says there is only upside to this liberal scheme we all know they are lying or being foolish. To cover the few with chronic problems accessing insurance there will be more costs. Faster, Better, Cheaper is the mantra of the naive. Nothing gets improved (faster, better) without incurring more costs. And the closer to ‘perfection’ you get. the higher the cost goes for each step taken. It is not a flat curve to 100% – never is. You can do 90% fairly easily and 95% with a lot of work and costs. You can’t do 100% without endless money.

LIberals are really looking foolish as their excuses and rhetoric goes over the edge: It’s not a bill to destroy the health care industry with a government run option – except liberals will not vote on any bill that does not contain the poison pill of the government mandated option! The bill doesn’t exist, but it almost passed in July. The government won’t screw this up like it has everyone of its other promises for Nirvanna. We can do more with less money. Raising your voice in free speech protest is Un-American.

These people have truly lost their minds if they believe that, and even worse if they think Americans believe that.

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  1. WWS says:

    Liberal do not simply look foolish – they now honestlyare becoming a true National Socialist Party, with every attribute that designation deserves.

  2. WWS says:

    Have you seen Obama’s new health care logo yet? Since when has an American government program ever adopted a logo which incorporates the personal symbol of a president? What kind of neo-imperial aspirations does THAT represent?

    official logo visible here:

    But it gets creepier still, as the comparison on this page shows.(not the one made famous on sweetness and light, I think this is much more appropriate)

    as the writer says, “Eagle, emanating beams of light, well-known, non-national symbol, geographic map…”

    look and see for yourself. Then ask just why they feel the need to put this thing out there.

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  4. ama055131 says:

    I loved what Gov. Rendell said yesterday on the cost of the Pres. proposed health plan, to paraphrase, the cost will be high in the short run but in the long run the cost will go down. Can anyone tell me any program that the Federal Gov’t has started that ever went down. I truley believe that these politicians think we are naive idiots.

  5. owl says:

    They do not intend to go quietly. When you get so far out on the limb that you call your voters these names, when the WH tells you to shut up and sets up a snitch line, they intend to win.

    I read that drug lobby was going to spend $150 mil on ads. I watched the media yesterday. To be exact, ABC GMA did a full segment this morning that after being drilled, day after day, will take effect. My blood boiled. These GMA hacks are their finest.

    If opposing the Death Squad is un-American, count me.

    I am not in favor of ANYTHING being passed. This is NOT trying to fix immigration. This has come down to something EVIL taking our country and our very lives. Pugs need to say NO. Get some of these socialists out of power and then try to fix some problems.

    Anyone that thinks the public has created such a stir that it will stop this horror, does not have a grasp of this situation. They intend to win. Not the entire thing. Just enough to set the stage for what is coming.

    Anytime a president is willing to lie to your face AFTER you have watched and listened to the words come out of his mouth in the 2003 tape, he does not intend to lose. Anytime a president can tell a woman, to her face, that her mother could have taken a pill, he does not intend to lose. Anytime a president calls out his army of thugs to go beat up seniors, etc, etc.

    It is the MSM with their misinformation campaign and The Silence that is still the most lethal. I intend to call my local station manager and complain about it.

  6. dbostan says:

    The demsheviks are not becoming the “National Socialist Perty” as there is nothing “national” about them.
    They are about the destruction of our country by illegal immigration, aside from other fascistic positions they are espousing.
    They are just the the new bolshevik party of Amerika…

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  10. Terrye says:

    I never thought I would live to see the day when a Speaker of the House would attack private citizens like this.

    The Democrats screwed this thing up, they have no one but themselves to blame for the backlash. And this won’t help.

  11. BarbaraS says:

    Does anybody think there is no money (graft) like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack in this health care bill for the democrats? Hell, they were making millions for their cronies even during the Bush years. Once in control they will never give it up. The commies have infilltrated all areas of our lives. Even the AARP is willing to jettison their members in the name of socialism. How do we know the dems didn;t make millions or even billions for their cronies from medicare and social security funds. The bureauocracy in Washington is, after all, democrat.They refused to have any overhaul of either SS of medicare. That’s probably because they had this government health care in mind. It is a catalyst to take over our lives and make us subject to their will.

  12. BarbaraS says:

    The dems are using the same playbook as the terrorists. They are using our system to destroy us and our freedom.