Dec 02 2005

Fly By 12/02/05

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Regarding Murtha, he is all worn out and lost on all the important facts, and the shell of a broken partisan old war horse. The guy is living in some sort of liberal fantasy world. Nuff said.

Ed Morrissey has much more on this. I can’t seem to get that interested in the irrelevant.

The recent news on Alito’s arguments regarding a strategy against Roe V Wade during the Reagan administration, not to mention the democrat’s pention for over the top political calculations, is making a filibuster attempt more and more likely. We will know more after the Judiciary Committee proceedings.

If you want some idea of where the liberal left is heading, you only need to read this article on the Belgium anti-American protestor turned homicide bomber. People who can become eco-terrorists over the fact most of us are nit vegetarians are not the most stable people in the world.

Murielle Degauque was, by all accounts, a normal child. A typical girl next door, you might say. True, as a teenager growing up in southern Belgium, she dabbled in drugs and preferred boys to books. But there was nothing to indicate that she would become the first Western woman to launch a suicide bomb attack in the name of jihad when she blew herself up in Iraq last month.

Dabbled in drugs. I lost so many friends to ‘dabbling in drugs’ I cannot tell you how serious this can be. And many of those still around are still trying to right themselves from the anti social, anti establishment, anti self worth, anti work ethic, mindset and culture that exists with ‘dabbling in drugs’. Sitting around getting stoned sets you apart from those sitting around trying to make a life for themselves. The ‘boys over books’ analogy. But while those focused on making something of themselves move ahead, the stoners lay back and rationalize why they are so much better not to have to even try. This is where you get a lot of the lunacy theories from the left. They reject working for a boss, because the boss gets more money and takes away from them their high times (no drugs on the job!). They reject police and security forces for obvious reasons. They reject people of success because they themselves never can have the good things in life – because they spend their money on drugs. The anti-globalization crowd reeks with the stench of drug induced nirvana’s about how the world should be (no work, no bosses, no one better off than others). The drug culture always had a significant group who fall prey to the drugs. Sometimes that fall takes years to complete its trajectory.

More on this at Stop The ACLU

Speaking to the Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure, Degauque’s parents, Jean and Liliane, described the typical growing pains of an adolescent girl. She had a talent, they said “for sticking with the difficult kids” . On one occasion they had to travel 170km to the Ardennes to find her. Of her boyfriends, her mother said: “I don’t know how many there were.”

No wonder Europe is falling behind the US.

The news out of Hawaii regarding abortion is stunning – and being squelched by the mainstream media.

The Supreme Court of Hawaii has ruled that unborn children are not “human beings,” and therefore women cannot be prosecuted for causing the death of babies by harmful behavior during their pregancies.

The unanimous decision overturns the manslaughter conviction of 32-year-old Tayshea Aiwohi, who was found guilty in connection with the death of her newborn son by smoking crystal methamphetamine shortly before his birth.

I have been trying to post on this because it is probably the best case ever to come down the road to beat back the pro abortion arguments. Its scientific and legal standings are completely wrong and easily knocked down in court. I have detailed posts on the argument here. The short version is this. Human beings are the lay person’s name for the living organisms of the species homo sapien sapien. All humans are of this species, and all of this species are human. This is scientifically verifiable, and legally supported, through the testing of DNA. DNA tests of any fetus will conclude that it is a human being, since ‘fetus’ defines a stage of life (e.g., teenager) and not a form of life (cell, organ, tissue, organism, colony, etc). Moreover, the DNA will differentiate between two individual organisms of a species. That is how we identify people as innocent or guilty of murders, rapes, etc. The same DNA tests used to distinguish a criminal from his/her parents, offspring and siblings will identify a fetus as a unique individual human being from both parents. Therefore, using clear and unambiguous scientific methods already validated for the legal system this case should be thrown out with little effort. I have a BS in biology, and this stuff is HS biology level for English majors!

The nation has executed its 1000th murderer since 1976-7 (depending on the leftwing news media source). No one knows what the total is since 1973, 1958, 1946, 1922, 1911, or 1900. The media is working to determine which of these years ends in a round number for their news stories. But at this rate, it will not be until sometime in the year 3165 that the total people put to death for heinous crimes in this country matches the US traffic death total for 2001. I am sure the media is preparing their stories for this monumental benchmark right now.

Our imminent success in Iraq has the democrat party fracturing between the strident anti-war left, the political survivors who hide their true perspectives, and the dwindling number of war supporters, like Leiberman.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s embrace Wednesday of a rapid withdrawal from Iraq highlighted the Democratic Party’s fissures on war policy, putting the House’s top Democrat at odds with her second in command while upsetting a consensus developing in the Senate.

Its best described as Murtha verses Zell Miller. I know which Marine to put my money on. Pelosi just voiced what so many on the left feel. And she exposed the hypocrisy of the party

The move caught some in the party by surprise. It threw a wrench into a carefully calibrated Democratic theme emerging in the Senate that called for 2006 to be a “significant year of progress” in Iraq, with Iraqi security forces making measurable progress toward relieving U.S. troops of combat duties.

It is clear ‘progress’ is not an option. failure through immediate withdraw is the plan of the left. The American ‘can do’ spirit is worn out and broken. Now where have I heard that before???

And a happy fourth anniversary to a great blog, Junkyard Blog. Now that is stamina!

Hope everyone has a great day.

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