Jul 29 2009

Liberals Wonder Why The Nation Is Not Behind Their Crazy Health Care Takeover

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I finally decided to start reading the liberal House bill for myself to confirm some of the charges and claims slinging across the political aisles (especially since the news media is made of up complete morons who apparently don’t have the time to research anything, but simply echo the talking points handed to them). You can read it for yourselves here. It’s time we took back America, and in today’s world that means doing our homework since the political industrial complex is apparently staffed mostly with people without a clue.

The funny thing about this mess is how the liberals running the Democrat Party and the Congress are shocked to find out that they are so far out on the political fringes and don’t represent main street America! Check out Howard Dean’s frustration as he refuses to realize it takes a broad coalition to control congress:

You know, this is going to be a hell of an issue in 2010 cause honestly, what’s the point of having a 60 vote majority in the United States Senate, if you can’t produce…health care reform. You can get health insurance reform. This bill is going to cost us a lot of money and it isn’t going to do anything, if this so-called compromise is true. This compromise does nothing, except it will reform insurance. That’s a good thing to do, but they ought to strip the money out of it cause we reformed insurance like this in Vermont 15 years ago. It’s a fine thing to do, but it doesn’t insure more people.

The reason these bills are failing in Congress is because they are too radical and to far left. Think about that for a moment. The Democrats have enormous majorities in both houses, but the liberals went so far overboard with their take over of our nation’s health care system, just to replace it with a government run rationed system where only the strong will be allowed to survive, that they cannot get it through these massive majorities.

Dean should be surprised. So should Pelosi, Reid and President Obama. But this is, as our President likes to say, a learning moment. If you have not done so, read Jay Cost’s recent analysis of how the Dems screwed up by through the hubris and arrogance of their liberal old dogs in leadership positions, who are unflinching and unwilling to compromises with the center. The result is they all go home for the summer with high unemployment from a failed stimulus packages and nothing on Health Care. 

Once again, ideological purity wars are ripping apart a national party and the country is left in a lurch. What an Obamanation.

Update: I meant to note the GOP push back on Obamacare as we now have the summer to analyze and expose the liberal nightmare that could have become the destruction of our health care systems (just as radical liberal lending experiments to cater to people unable to afford homes destroyed our economy). Senator Inhofe is releasing a series of detailed analyses exposing how the DC liberals would do for health care what they did for home owners through out the country:

On that note, let’s begin with the claim that Waxman-Markey will be an engine of job creation.  First, there’s no evidence that this will create an overall net gain of new jobs.  Putting stress on “net gain” is important here.  Backers routinely claim the bill will create “green” jobs in the renewable energy.  That’s true—there will be greater demand for solar panels and windmills.  But that’s only one side of the equation. 

The fact is that Waxman-Markey will destroy millions of manufacturing jobs, meaning that America will experience a net job loss.  Consider a recent analysis of Waxman-Markey by CRA International, commissioned by the National Black Chamber of Commerce.  The analysis found that, “the number of these new ‘green jobs’ will be lower than the number of the other jobs that [Waxman-Markey] would destroy elsewhere in the economy.” 

In total, Waxman-Markey would cause a net reduction of 2.3 million to 2.7 million jobs.  In other words, on the one hand, we’ll create some green jobs, but on the other, we’ll destroy many more jobs.  Take Spain as an example. According to a study from King Juan University in Madrid, every job in renewable energies created in Spain in the year 2000 has cost 571,138 Euros and has been the cause of the loss of 2.2 jobs elsewhere in the economy.  Now the Democrats want to transfer that same logic to the United States. They want to use expanded government, bureaucracy and taxes to create jobs, while if the private sector could just go to work, 2.2 jobs could be created for every 1 job that is created by the government.  In this economy, those numbers add up.

Title IV, Section B, Part 2, is called “Climate Change Worker Adjustment Assistance.” Just beneath that is Sec. 425, called “Petitions, Eligibility Requirements, And Determinations.”  This provision allows workers to file for a “certification of eligibility” as a group with the Department of Labor.  These workers can apply for “adjustment assistance,” subsequent to a hearing to determine if they are eligible. 

What does this mean?  The authors of Waxman-Markey, through this provision, implicitly acknowledge that Waxman-Markey will destroy jobs.  The “adjustment” mentioned here is just a euphemism for the pink slip workers get when Waxman-Markey goes into effect.  And then, through a laborious process, they can petition the federal government for taxpayer handouts. 


Now let’s turn to Sec. 426, called “Program Benefits.”   This provision allows for payment of a “climate change adjustment allowance” for an “adversely worker.”   The obvious question here is: “adversely affected” by what?  Well, by the bill, of course.  This provision authorizes payment to these workers for a week of unemployment that “shall equal 70% of the average weekly wage of that worker for a period of not longer than 156 weeks,” or 3 years.

It is time to call the BS on the media and the liberals. They are not being honest with America, and in fact are lying to our faces as their bill’s details clearly demonstrate. We are going to trade in our high tech, world leading jobs for ‘green’ ones. Which could include mowing lawns I guess.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    In an age where the states are putting up their own Capitol buildings for sale, the last thing we need is increases in the burden, more programs, more federally mandated expenses on the states, and more unemployment.

    We have GOT to learn to JUST SAY NO and stop the spending. States will sell their own buildings in order to save entitlement programs. They can’t bear the political pain of shutting off the free flow of cash that buys votes. In many cases such as Medicaid, the hemorrhage of cash is mandated by the federal government. States pay 40% of Medicaid. Every time the federal government decides to increase Medicaid expenses, it increases the burden on the states. Some states have 20 to 25 percent of their entire state budget going to Medicaid payments. THAT MUST STOP.

    At some points the states are going to have to say “Sorry, these crazy programs have to stop, you are going to have to support yourself, we can’t afford to carry you anymore, you have run us out of money”.

    Yeah, it would be nice if we could get unlimited pollution free energy but that isn’t going to happen. Nuclear power is the closest option we have and the so-called “environmentalists” still block the approval of plants at every opportunity in order to promote their fantasy world projects.

    Our government is insane at every level.

  2. Whomever says:

    Here is some thinking for you that will clarify the mud called discussion today. When all else fails, you can get yourself one of them-there vegetable trees. http://www.stoptheaclu.com/2009/07/25/sana-cruz-city-council/