Jul 28 2009

Michelle Bachman Impressive On Health Care Tax

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I caught an interview with Michelle Bachman this morning on the DC’s AM 570 America’s Morning News and was truly impressed with her discussion of the Health Care tax being proposed by the liberal democrats. I was not aware that one proposal was to apply an 8% payroll tax on all employees, which Mrs. Bachman noted is more than the employer payroll tax on Social Security and Medicare combined!

Think about that – the government take over of our nation’s health care will be bigger than Social Security and Medicare combined. Clearly there is no effort to control costs or allow privately run plans with a tax revenue that large. And I would bet anything that there is no salary limit like there is with the current payroll taxes.

That tells you all you need to know about the liberal’s crazy health care scheme. It will be bigger than the two entitlement programs that are right now destined to bankrupt this nation in the coming decades.

Mrs. Bachman, it turns out, runs a small company with her husband just like we do (though theirs is clearly larger). She is right to note this is not a tax of profit, but a tax that must be payed whether a company is making a profit or not. Which means the tax will be taken out of salaries and/or by reducing staff. Whenever you tax a company it is the customers and workers who pay the taxes – don’t kid yourselves.

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