Jul 28 2009

Congress Critters Are Way Out There

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Jay Cost does a great job of illustrating just how out of touch the liberal leaders in Congress are. It is no surprise these extremists produced a botched stimulus bill which spend money like mad after the recession ends (most of the money doesn’t show up until 2010) and they produce a hair raising bill that tries to take over the nation’s health care industry with a cheap government run disaster. It is also no surprise why the congressional democrats are fleeing from their left wing leaders.

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  1. momdear1 says:

    One more time. The so called stimulus bills were not intended to stimulate the economy. They were nothing more than raids on the treasury sold to the dumbed down public as stimulus bills so they would not rise up in anger if they knew they were being robbed. Until we realize that what we have is a typical African despot who is totally ignorant of history, geography, economics and ethics, who gained total power by charming and deceiving enough people to get elected, there will be nothing to stop further raids on the treasury. It would not surprise me to find that the majority of the money Congress has committed to stimulus is not already stashed in foreign bank accounts by the “ACORN friendy” people this president has surrounded himself with. If anyone wants to know what this country is going to look like in 4 years they only have to look to the African nations, rich in natural resources and promise, who were left destitute and poverty stricken by charismatic and charming leaders like Obama who immediately after taking power started moving the country’s wealth into their personal bank accounts. Remember Idi Amin? How about Robert Mgabwe? He turned Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe, into a basket case. When he assumed power, it was known as the breadbasket of Africa. If you think things look bad now, just wait until these bandits have passed a few more “stimulus bills.” And there will be more and more, as long as a gulible public thinks they is trying to help make things better and give everybody something for free. We will be lucky if there is enough roots and mud cookie to go around.