Nov 30 2005

Cindy Is A Flop

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I can get 200 people to my house without even trying hard. Cindy Sheehan tries for a national media event and that becomes a challenge:

Antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan and her book publisher are upset about Associated Press and Reuters photos that allegedly presented a misleading impression of her book signing last weekend in Texas.

Sheehan, whose soldier son was killed in Iraq, gained wide fame last summer in an antiwar protest near President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, and then in a march in Washington, D.C. She returned to Crawford last week for a Thanskgiving protest. Her new book, “Not One More Mother’s Child,” had just been published, and her publisher organized a book signing in a large tent in Crawford on Saturday.

Photos of the event, carried widely on the Web, and then picked up by conservative blogs, seemed to imply that the book signing was a bust. The photos showed Sheehan looking dejected, sitting at a table, with no one in the tent except for a couple of photographers. The AP caption simply read: “Anti-war activist CindySheehan waits for people to show up at her book signing near President Bush’s ranch on Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 in Crawford, Texas.”

The Washington Post, which carried Evan Vucci’s AP photo, noted that at a protest the same day Sheehan had addressed a crowd of only about 100. “In the morning,” the Post observed, “Sheehan signed copies of her new book, being published this week, for an even smaller crowd,” although it cited bad weather as a possible factor.

But in a statement today, Sheehan accused “right-wing” sites of “spreading a false story that nobody bought my book at Camp Casey on Saturday. That is not true, I sold all 100 copies and got writer’s cramp signing them. Photos were taken of me before the people got in line to have me sign the book. We made $2000 for the peace house.”

When I was in High School I simply told the biggest male and female blabber mouths I was hosting a party on Friday night – at 3:0o PM Friday – and not only would 200+ people would show up, so would two kegs and a band. OK Cindy, you need to do at least better than my 1977 parties!

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  2. BurbankErnie says:

    I am sure if what Sheehan says is correct, that pictures of overflow crowds waiting to purchase her 175 page paperback book for $20 will be abundantly flowing in the swamps of DU and dKos, and plastered on and in The Nation Magazine, right? Right?

  3. MerryJ1 says:


    “I sold all 100 copies and got writer’s cramp signing them. Photos were taken of me before the people got in line to have me sign the book. We made $2000 for the peace house.”

    Let me remove my shoes, since I’ve run out of fingers to count on. Hmmm. $20 per book, 100 books sold, $2,000 for the peace house, she said, right?

    She sure cut one heck of a bargain on printing costs. Even beats Kinko’s.

  4. BIGDOG says:

    Used by the left and left to be tied. Poor wittle SINdee.BAHHHH!!!! can i say……. no i wont. I’ll be civil.Im sorry she just chaps my hide and why couldnt she see how they are using her to discourage support for Bush and our Troops.The rockefeller memo outlines their plans tho.So no suprises just gotta say WOW!!…. SINdee isnt that bright!!!!

  5. $2000 for the Peace House, huh? Should we watch that money trail?

    Anyway, this need to insist that she’s popular is just pathetic.