Nov 29 2005

MSM: No Torture To Find Bin Laden

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I am not sure the liberal MSM is even aware of how silly it sounds sometimes. The left is all atwitter Bin Laden, Zarqawi and Zawahiri (OBL’s Deputy) have not been found. But in the same breathe they are concerned about torturing terrorists who kill people:

The CIA, accused of using harsh interrogation techniques to extract intelligence from detainees, does not engage in torture, agency Director Porter Goss said today. He said agents were working to penetrate terrorist sanctuaries and had made some headway in locating the leaders of al Qaeda.

“We know a great deal more about bin Laden, Zarqawi and [bin Laden aide Ayman] Zawahiri [than] then we’re able to say publicly,” Goss said. He said the men had not been found “primarily because they don’t want us to find them and they’re going to great lengths to make sure we don’t find them.”

I mean, they cannot even use English (then/than) properly – but why is the left surprised we cannot penetrate the terrorist cells when all the liberals want to do is outfit every terrorist with a tax payer subsidized, high priced lawyer?

“We’re fighting a war on terror,” he said in response to a question about the prisons. “We’re doing quite well. Inevitably, we’re going to have to capture some terrorists and inevitably they’re going to have to have some due process. It’s going to be done lawfully.”

Hmm. My definition of ‘properly’ is a little more like the ‘aggressive negotiations’ of Star Wars and ”negotiating’ in The Fifth Element…

If they have something useful to say, they can get something useful in return – a speedy military trial.

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  1. voxott says:

    Ha! “We’re sending someone in to negotiate!”

  2. LuckyBogey says:

    Today I laughed out loud during Rummy’s press conf when the camera showed the reporters all looking down and sad. They looked like spoiled children who lost their allowance. Too funny! The last time I saw them looking that sad was during Fitz’s announcement on Scooter.

    I found this month old story on the hunt for Bin Laden:
    US, UK teams search quake rubble for Osama Bin Laden
    October 20, 2005

    ….Security officers in London and Washington are anxious not to discuss whether Bin Laden is dead or has escaped the devastation from the 7.6-magnitude earthquake. But days before it struck, an American satellite had spotted an Al Qaeda training camp in a remote area and obtained high-resolution close-ups.
    A senior intelligence officer in Washington told the Sunday Express: “One of those photos bore a remarkable resemblance to Bin Laden. His face looked thinner, which is in keeping with our reports that his kidney condition has worsened.”
    In recent weeks, both MI6 and the CIA have established that Bin Laden has received a portable kidney dialysis machine from China but it requires electricity to power it. Drones, unmanned aircraft that US Special Forces launched from Afghanistan last week, have reported that the area along the border has lost all power supplies…..

  3. MerryJ1 says:

    According to Miniter’s “Disinformation: 22 media myths that undermine the war on terrorism,” bin Ladin’s need for dialysis is one of the myths.

  4. BIGDOG says:

    Our Troops Must Stay
    America can’t abandon 27 million Iraqis to 10,000 terrorists.

    Tuesday, November 29, 2005

    Im thinking i believe this guy and his “on the ground” knowledge and use that as a premise for his oppinion regardless of party affiliation.I also heard frontpage “the white house released a 38-page document mapping out a plan for victory.”

    Bush also plans on a few speeches. Im guessing sense they released the plan it means the plans almost complete??