Jul 22 2009

Obamacare Losing Support Across The Board, 1/3rd of Dems

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Rasmussen shows a 14 point shift in support for Obamacare in only the last month, from  a +5% in June to a -9% in late July. But what is even more telling is the partisan breakdown:

There is a huge partisan divide on the health care plan. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of Democrats favor it. However, the plan is opposed by 80% of Republicans and 60% of those not affiliated with either major party.

Obama has lost 60% of the independents and 1/3rd of Democrats. If these were votes he would lose in an historic landslide. And that is what has those Democrats running from Obamnacare right now. Very few Democrats in Congress could survive an election with these numbers facing them.

It seems it is either save Obamacare or save the Democrat majorities in Congress (or at least minimize the damage). The Dems get a chance to demonstrate some triage – they can only save one side of the equation right now. Do they want to see another Bill Clinton ride high while they all spend years in the minority? Fool me once ….

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34 Responses to “Obamacare Losing Support Across The Board, 1/3rd of Dems”

  1. crosspatch says:

    ivehadit, senators only pay attention to calls from their own state’s area codes, everything else is “noise”.

  2. Terrye says:


    Yes, it is getting oil, especially considering the fact that Obama and his party have been controlling Congress for the last two years as well as the fact that he was the one who signed that budget, not Bush. They just kept passing spending resolutions until Obama took office and then sent the budget to him.

    These guys want all the power and none of the responsibility.

  3. kathie says:


  4. lurker9876 says:

    O’Rielly believes that Obama’s numbers will go back up to 60 points tomorrow.

    Believe it?

  5. crosspatch says:

    “O’Rielly believes that Obama’s numbers will go back up to 60 points tomorrow.”

    O’Reilly is a couple of nuggets short of a happy meal.

  6. kathie says:

    No, you two have got that wrong. O’Rielly thinks that there will be 60% against the plan tomorrow, now 55%, because he said nothing tonight.

  7. Terrye says:


    I don’t think that many people even watched this thing.

  8. lurker9876 says:

    Kathie, that makes sense!

    Fox News talked about how docile that press was. Weird.

    Didn’t watch all of the presser. Just what Fox News previewed.

    Funny how sarcastic Charles Krauthammer was in his comments about Obama. He just talked about Obama’s “charisma”.

  9. crosspatch says:

    Could you imagine if you were Sarah Palin, all we had was government health care, and you are running against Obama. Imagine the leaks of your most intimate medical details.

    I don’t WANT the government knowing everything about me.

  10. ivehadit says:

    Hi Cross! yes the senators will pay more attention to their own, but in this day and age of being able to funnel money directly to campaigns across the country, calling is important. $$$!

    I donated to several candidates NOT in my home state in ’06, btw. 🙂

  11. crosspatch says:

    I donate to campaigns out of state but I don’t expect them to listen to me when I complain. Pelosi, for example, answers only to the people in her district. Her district, in effect, is running the House of Representatives. She is going to fulfill that position in order to please her constituents and keep her job. So we have a national position being run by San Francisco values.

    Speaker of the House should be a position that rotates. No person should ever be allowed to serve more than one consecutive term in that position. I wouldn’t put any limits on how many terms but you just wouldn’t be able to serve more than one in a row.

  12. MerlinOS2 says:

    Another thing the bill does is put in racial preferences for medical training.

    You too can possibly have a government assigned wise Latino Doctor.

  13. lurker9876 says:

    And nobody asked the question of racial preferences?

    Anyone notice a bill passed by the House yesterday regarding the student loans?

    Soon all student loans come directly from the government requiring the student to put in ten years worth of government service (forced volunteerism) of their choice….Red Cross or Americorps. After ten years, the student loan will be cleared free of debt.

    The government will decide which college, which degree, and so on.

    If this doesn’t help anyone begin to put all the puzzle pieces together after this, God help them.

  14. WWS says:

    Crosspatch, Speaker *Could* rotate except both of our political parties are too gutless to ask for it. There are no constitutional requirements for the speaker’s position, other than that it be a sitting congressman and that he or she be chosen by the current sitting Congress.

    So Congress has the authority to do whatever they want with it.