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May 05 2009

Obama Picked Wrong Fight With Intelligence Community

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The liberal lunatics who see only evil where there are normal Americans work tirelessly all day, every day to detect and stop terrorists attack have been a quaint, if not a wince invoking, embarrassment we could tolerate on the margins. Sort of like the crazy aunts and uncles of the family. You keep them in […]

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Apr 28 2009

As Predicted, America Has No Stomach For Witch Hunt Against Our Defenders

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The Democrats are really in a pickle. Their base is adamant that there be public witch hunts against the Bush administration for being aggressive in the war on terror, and for inflicting a faked drowning reaction in established mass murderers tied to 9-11. I predicted more than once America would balk at attacking thosewho were […]

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Apr 23 2009

Worth More Than The FBI, CIA And NSA Put Together

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  “Worth More Than The FBI, CIA And NSA Put Together” – this being the program of enhanced interrogation used for only 2 years right after 9-11. So says the then head of the CIA George Tenet, who was selected for his position by Bill Clinton. All of this comes from an eye popping article […]

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Apr 22 2009

Is Anyone Going To Care If Khalid Sheik Mohammed Was Waterboarded?

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Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM) is a truly evil man, right up there with history’s other notorious evil men like Hitler. The good news for humanity is he never got a chance to rule and show us his full potential. While Bin Laden gets the credit for the atrocities of 9-11, the real credit goes to […]

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Jul 02 2008

Water Boarding – Using Reflexive Responses To Instill Panic

Waterboarding is not ‘torture’ in my mind. Torture should define the inflicting of real injury. Thumbs screws, electrocution through car battery jumper cables, etc. Waterboarding actually taps into the body’s natural reflexive responses to drowning. Yes, it is horribly unnerving, as Christopher Hitchen’s just learned. No one likes to be helpless and controlled by others. […]

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