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Nov 04 2008

Seems The Liberals Fear Real Democracy

I cannot believe I am reading this in America: GOP Election Board members have been tossed out of polling stations in more than half a dozen polling stations in Philadelphia because of their party status. A liberal judge previously ruled that court-appointed Republican poll watchers could be removed from their boards by an on-site election […]

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Oct 14 2008

Obama’s Identity Stolen In Voter Fraud

Oh the irony of it all! Seems someone stole Barack Obama’s identity and registered him to vote in Rhode Island as a Democrat: Voter Registrations 1. Rhode Island Voter Registration Registrant Information Name: OBAMA, BARACK Residential Address: 1 PPP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE E PROVIDENCE, RI Date of Birth: 1/1900 Gender: Unknown Voter Information Registration Date: 12/5/2007 […]

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