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Jul 28 2008

US Taking Out Prime Enemy Targets In Pakistan – UPDATED & Got Him!

Update: BBC is reporting confirmation from the Taliban that a top AQ chemical weapon’s expert has been killed today in Pakistan by what is likely a US missile. Here is the man’s bio and picture at the US National Counter-Terrorism Center website:   Good job folks – scratch one more mass murderer. Update: AFP now […]

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Jul 25 2008

Fly By – Pakistan & Afghanistan Tribal Areas 07_25_08

Swamped today with meetings so sorry for the light posting.  Here is another recap of stories from the Pakistan-Afghanistan Tribal Areas More rumblings about NATO aircraft in the skies over Pakistan. More on troop movements on the border. Some very worrisome news on how the terrorists have created a target list of top Pakistan officials. […]

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Jul 11 2008

Scoping Out Targets In Pakistan’s Tribal Region

In an update to a post I did yesterday on what appears to be a ramping up of operations targeted at the Islamist extremists in the Pakistan Tribal region there are today reports of increased Predator and UAV operations in the area: Pilotless U.S. drones armed with missiles have stepped up patrols over Pashtun villages […]

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