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Jan 10 2009

Got More al Qaeda Leaders In Pakistan

Fortunately for the US and the World, al Qaeda is only welcomed in isolated portions of the tribal areas of Pakistan (pictured above). Even some of these areas are fighting off the cancer that is Islamo Fascism in an Awakening of their own. I claim this is fortunate because it gives our UAVs a good […]

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Jul 31 2008

The Final Chapter For The War On Terror?

We have achieved a stunning victory in Iraq. al-Qaeda rushed reinforcements into that country to take out The Great Satan and establish their modern caliphate. Those Muslims who leaned towards the romantic vision of Jihad, as promoted by the Islamo Fascists, rushed to Iraq to share in the glory. Now they are dead and captured […]

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Jul 28 2008

Terrorist Attempt To Invade Afghanistan, Are Decimated

Terrorists massing in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan have pledged Jihad against American and Allied forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere (including Pakistan). Personally I see this as completely suicidal on their part – especially after we see another example of the results: Khost’s governor said 50 to 70 fighters had been killed – Nato said […]

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