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Dec 01 2009

Excellent Speech Mr. President

As the father of a newly minted Marine Lance Corporal who will, in all likelihood, deploy to Afghanistan sometime in the coming year I hope people appreciate this post. As I watched our President’s speech tonight I saw for the first time the office of the President settle upon Barack Obama’s shoulders. It was a critical […]

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Sep 06 2008

Are We Better Off Than 2002?

In my mind we are much better off than we were one year after 9-11. At this time back in 2002, as we prepared to challenge Saddam and his ties to al-Qaeda (they existed through Ayman Zawahiri before and after 9-11), we were a nation bracing for the next strike from al-Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden […]

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Jul 31 2008

Wow, Obama’s Iraq Position Opposed By 80% Of America

Obama’s world tour debacle keeps hitting his campaign with more and more body blows as America decides victory in Iraq is more important than ending the war in Iraq. Gallup has some stunning numbers out which show 80% of Americans are not lined up behind Obama’s stubbornly pessimistic view that the Surge was the wrong […]

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Jul 26 2008

Iraq And Our Fallen Heros – Updated

Senator Obama has made it very easy on John McCain. First off, Obama has flip-flopped on so many issues has he has dumped his liberal base and moved to the center he has take the strategy of becoming an echo of McCain (and Bush) on a host of issues. Here are some prime examples: (1) […]

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Jul 24 2008

Liberal SurrenderMedia Displays Their Ignorance Of The Military Again

The liberal SurrenderMedia was so focused on helping the Surrendercrats try and stop the war in Iraq that they ignored all the debate about The Surge and how it really is shorthand (for those simple minds that think in shallow sound bites) for counter-insurgency tactics. All through the first 6 months of the debacle that […]

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Jul 22 2008

The Obidiot Speaks On Iraq, Lies To America, Loses Election

Major Update: It’s official, Obama still opposes victory in Iraq, he still wants defeat.  In an interview with ABC News he restated his opposition to the key element that brought defeat to al-Qaeda: After meeting with top U.S. military commanders and members of the Iraqi government, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said Monday his opposition to […]

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Jul 06 2008

The End Of al-Qaeda In Iraq

Iraq did what we wanted it to do. When we invaded Iraq we did many things (removed a dictator who had ties to al-Qaeda and preposition arms in embassies across Europe to arm al-Qaeda sleeper cells for one), but one of the most important goals of the invasion was to divert al-Qaeda’s attention. Liberal Surrendercrats […]

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Jul 02 2008

Victory In Iraq Is Close At Hand!

The Surge and Awakening that hit Iraq last year (in the face of dour predictions from Democrats that Iraq was a failure, the Surge was a failure, etc) has succeeded, victory is at hand. The Surge had many goals, nearly all of which have been met, according to a US State Department Government Report on […]

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